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  1. +1 Good appeal this time round, if you have really thought about it, I think it should be reduced down too 1 month.
  2. Peace out brother Missed already. Hope to see you back one day soon!
  3. That DnD style RP was fun and unique, keep up the hard and good work @Jay Lamar! We appreciate everything you do for us.
  4. You have a good heart Rimmin. I +1 this idea
  5. Jaggy

    Nova Skin Change

    Morning lads I dont think nova needs new guns, i mean it would be a change but i dont mind the load out. Being the new CO of Nova i thought i would change some stuff up, ive been in nova since it got put at Reg Gov, i noticed there was 2 other skins that were not getting used and this is how i would use them https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsEIFT3LscqWjxItqdWthAUkbzbxakw7zz6nmlP1nBY/edit#gid=0 it would give a new feel to the roles and seeing as though they are in the game we may aswell use them
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