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  1. Null ARC is pretty good where I'm at <3
  2. thanks to yours truly for the epic image at the bottom
  3. Let's just give a round of applause for @RustyBucketBae's singing.
  4. Even if your appearances are rare, will still be good to see you on <3
  5. Have fun mate, enjoy your time.
  6. Came home from school early today and was bored so I decided to write a backstory to my current character, not as good as the one @Omo and I had for our Chimaera squad characters but, since I left Chimaera this explains how Alluh died and just a general Backstory to my current character. Click This For Backstory
  7. First person aside from me and Omo to complete this gets a kiss on the head from both of us.
  8. +1 Have used Adv Dupe 2 on multiple servers with Omo and Can say that this addon is very handy especially for creating big dupes because as Omo said, You can do it in Single player, without the worry of people interrupting and or ruining your dupe building. One downside to this may be the size of dupes in which people will build and then transport onto the server and may cause it to lag, But I feel that if restrictions were put in place this Addon could be a good addition to the server.
  9. Yeah Doin. Have come from Gateway Gamings clone wars server to try something new, have been thoroughly enjoying this server so far and intend to stay. Feel free to come have a chat if you see me in game or on the teamspeak. Hope to see you all around. - Alluh
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