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  1. I could draw this out with so many stories of our good times together, both on the server and not. But we will have other times to reminisce. For now Hammer, thank you, for being my Grand General and my friend. You chose me of all other people you could have chosen as your second General of IHC, and I can't thank you enough. I'll see you around on other games mate ( Let's UA more), stay in touch.. O7
  2. Hello everybody, pretty sure that other than my PAC application and Introduction, this is my first post! Diving right into the point of the post, and as the topic above states, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 is now officially stated for release on steam! Although having not yet concluded the second game in the series, I AM halfway through. I finished the first game nearly twice over and want to go back to it again when I can to go full completionist on it. If this is your first time hearing of this series, here is a basic rundown from my perspective. It's an anime-style
  3. Corvo. Where to start...I joined the server and served under you, as well as others, in the Stormtrooper Corp. After joining the Storm Commandos and climbing through the ranks, I saw you still sitting in the same spot. I got CO, you were still in ST's. I got Major General, you were still in ST's. Only once I became Brigadier did I finally get your story. We stood around in the DS-01 for a good hour or so, just talking away about your history. Won't go into details, but I didn't pity you. And that's because I saw your potential. After I moved to IHC, I had to find a new commander for the regime
  4. Very well put together Pulse. That was great to watch. Cheers for including my arrival
  5. It was my absolute pleasure saving the Damsel in distress We'll all miss you, but this isn't Goodbye, Ana. It's farewell for now. Until we meet again.
  6. Welcome back Mate. I look forwards to seeing you in-game, engaging in RP and whatnot. Have a good one.
  7. Both Heavy and light fabrication require certain sets of skills. He couldn't flex on me if he tried, because I acknowledge his skill in this industry
  8. Hello everybody. For those that don't know me as Ghost4448, you most likely know me as Arcturusious My current role is Lieutenant Colonel of Storm Commandos, you've likely seen me around. Just a quick bit of info about me. I'm 21, and I work as a Sheetmetal Fabricator for a living. All my spare time is spend on StarWarsRP. I love gaming, and recently fell in love with StarWarsRP. Though before StarWarsRP I had around 500 hours of experience in other various Gmod RP's. I joined the server for the first time in mid July 2018. After playing on the server for a
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