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  1. I will keep this short as I don't think alot needs to be said. -1 On the 27th April 2020 Crispin and another person tracked myself down on another community and proceeded to break several rules. On being pulled into Helpdesk decided to make several comments to a staff member about myself. Has also gone on a stream of another advisor and spammed racial material.
  2. Whitey

    Mrmoo's Ban Appeal

    Hi @Felix, You may want to have a bit more of a think of the reason you believe you were banned because it wasn't a simple -1 on applications. So what is the full story according to yourself?
  3. @Guskywalker Where is the ISD Update from November?
  4. @Eclipse Vanilla Unicorn is a fine establishment even if @Wolf and I watched 20 people slaughtered there last night.
  5. Intervention time for Bailey and his dirty habits people!
  6. Its like putting blinders on a horse with those tracks... No wonder the Empire fell.
  7. Thanks @Kosmos for my lack of sleep and horrible coping habits.
  8. Dear all, It is with deep sorrow that I announce my retirement from the Community Manager role within the Imperial Gaming Community. After much thought, discussions with Wolf and internal debate I have decided to hang up the hat, and it wasn’t an easy decision. When I took up this role I gave myself a timeline to achieve what I wanted to achieve as well as some guidelines. I always said to myself that If I started to not enjoy what I was doing, If it was creating too much stress, If I believe that my actions were no longer in the best interest of the community or If I felt I’ve achieved e
  9. Hi Boris, This idea will be denied. 442nd is currently successfully fulfilling this role and the last thing we need is more Saber users.
  10. @Memelord I can always add more photo slots but I think 5 is enough to show your best work.
  11. Hi All, As some of you are aware there have been some changes to the forum lately. The reasoning behind this is to better manage applications as they are processed helping us reduce the wait times on applications. This is simply because of the increase in Management Staff as we continue to expand with another major announcement coming in the next couple of weeks. We may have even left some spoilers on our current platforms... Who knows. But this has meant for a change which will now be detailed in this post for you to understand. If you have a question post it below and I will try to rep
  12. @Happy & @Vanilla, You two serve as examples of why the rules have been brought in. The fact your signatures took up my whole computer screen. The old settings will not be returning, but as stated they will be tweaked as seen fit.
  13. Wasn't approved by me...
  14. How about you come up with a more professional proposition with correct language for the management team to actually look at?
  15. In Regards to support tickets. They are not checked regularly and such can take some time for them to be responded to. Have no issues with them being issued but if you are banned from the forum you will lose it. Just put in a ticket and once we get to it we will issue it.
  16. All, He Doesn't want your personal quotes... What he wants you to do is to find a quote from IRL that best describes a regiment on Imperial... Not exactly hard.
  17. You have been unbanned with a 6 month good behaviour period. If you receive a warn and/or Management believes you have not improved then the ban will be reinstated. 
  18. Whitey

    Evoz's Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned with a 3 month good behaviour period. If you receive a warn and/or Management believes you have not improved then the ban will be reinstated.  Reminder: You are responsible for your own actions - If you are easily influenced by your friends... Find new friends.
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