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  1. Whitey

    Crispin's Unban Appeal

    I will keep this short as I don't think alot needs to be said. -1 On the 27th April 2020 Crispin and another person tracked myself down on another community and proceeded to break several rules. On being pulled into Helpdesk decided to make several comments to a staff member about myself. Has also gone on a stream of another advisor and spammed racial material.
  2. Whitey

    Mrmoo's Ban Appeal

    Hi @Felix, You may want to have a bit more of a think of the reason you believe you were banned because it wasn't a simple -1 on applications. So what is the full story according to yourself?
  3. Whitey

    Mouldy Crow

    @Guskywalker Where is the ISD Update from November?
  4. @Eclipse Vanilla Unicorn is a fine establishment even if @Wolf and I watched 20 people slaughtered there last night.
  5. Intervention time for Bailey and his dirty habits people!
  6. Its like putting blinders on a horse with those tracks... No wonder the Empire fell.
  7. Thanks @Kosmos for my lack of sleep and horrible coping habits.
  8. Map has been released.
  9. Dear all, It is with deep sorrow that I announce my retirement from the Community Manager role within the Imperial Gaming Community. After much thought, discussions with Wolf and internal debate I have decided to hang up the hat, and it wasn’t an easy decision. When I took up this role I gave myself a timeline to achieve what I wanted to achieve as well as some guidelines. I always said to myself that If I started to not enjoy what I was doing, If it was creating too much stress, If I believe that my actions were no longer in the best interest of the community or If I felt I’ve achieved everything I wanted and that the Community needed new guidance – then I would retire. Over my time I believe I have always acted in the best interests of the Community and helped shape, direct and recover the community to a sustainable model. I’m extremely proud of every single person I’ve worked with and what we have achieved – Recovering from the original EG split which was on the verge of killing IG, bringing new gameplay and reshaping the Imperial server, expansion to our Clone Wars server and now soon to be our third Server. And would like to thank each of those individuals who toughed it out along the journey. I know I’m not an easy taskmaster but we got there in the end. Now after a discussion with Wolf it was an easy decision to name @Chopz as the new Community Manager who has some exciting directions for the community with his new Server. I have always seen Chopz as someone who has the same drive and passion and can’t wait to see what he does with IG. For those worrying, I won’t be leaving the community but simply stepping aside from day to day operations. I will still advise and assist the management team and anyone that seeks help in any capacity (It’s up to Wolf to decide what that role is). I have enjoyed every last minute in my roles on IG, but for now, from your retired Friendly Neighbourhood Community Manager this is… Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
  10. Based on Community Results and previous feedback this application will be denied - You may apply again in 1 month.
  11. Based on Community Results and previous feedback this application will be denied - You may apply again in 1 month.
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