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  1. Going to miss your sexy voice and you the most <3 o7
  2. I can relate to the being bullied bit witch lead me into depression like a majority of us and I myself just try make jokes of everything witch helps me cope
  3. Oh Kendrick I remember when you and frombo recruited me into the server last year in December and you two watched me minge from time to time and I miss you arresting me but I have changed into a good boy now I wish you best of luck for the future and reading this made me feel sad o7
  4. Sending you all my love just like everyone else wish you all the best for you and your family
  5. And yes I steal crispy memes off Instagram 24D7C0BC-E89A-4553-B55F-FABDB03E63A7.MOV EB0DEA44-4ABD-4963-A568-C7646AB7CCE3.MOV
  6. i agree with this fello here ^^
  7. thank you for you guys taking some time out of your day and Pablo spending atleast an hour with me on discord trying to help "I guess its one of those things the computer will fix itself" - Pablo
  8. My wifi is definitely in range and none of my cords are unplugged or broken 55374851849__1A1E2EF2-4EDE-4D5F-82E2-713FDB16FC7C.MOV
  9. BoyoMcgee


    Whats crack a lacking fellas Hello my IG name is McGee, im 14 in New Zealand and I sound like im 11 I used to play on this server a few months ago you may remember me as Crunchy or Iguana being a minge (I've changed quiet a lot ok) So im back after an unexpected leaving of the server im an Engineer don't be afraid to say hi to me I don't bite unless you make me angry by RDM me Under 20 people constantly while im trying to build cough corpsey cough cough.
  10. So basically it works on my phone and on my Mac and for my family but why not on my pc bruh 55374088561__7DCD1DE7-9625-43F0-B67B-6084516A85D1.MOV
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