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  1. OK what I'm trying to say is I would like to be Unbanned, and that my decisions I made back then to get myself banned is something I regret doing and I wish to come back to the community on a Probation period or a final chance or something to prove myself to you that I have changed, people think I haven't changed but I will prove them wrong. I would try to make amends with everyone that I may have hurt In any way as I enjoyed playing on the server,
  2. well I wouldn't come on to a ban appeal just to say I should or want be Unbanned just because. As I said on my appeal I explained near the bottom If you guys did decide to unban me I would have no say in whether I should be Unbanned or not as its up to you guys. also well I guess someone had to set me to ST private so Idk what your saying about what rank you set me to but here is a screenshot from the database ps if you want the simple answer yes I wish to be unbanned so I could come back to the community.
  3. Thanks Mongo you have brought up very good points here lemme try to break down and or explain everything you have said. Snoozy personally I loved you man, you were a good member of the community although you mixed with the wrong people, having been apart of the group of people in the "Frank is gay" steam group along with Emerald, Brass and Dexoys. I did enjoy talking to you as well, yes I did play a lot on the server back before I got banned I did enjoy when we helped each other with pac and such. I guess you could say I mixed with the wrong people but none of them encouraged me to do what I
  4. Steam Details Steam Name: Billy the Goat Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68252626 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/XSync01/ In Game Details In Game Name: Snoozy In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanant Which staff member banned you: CODY?/ Tarkin What date did the ban occur: 09/05/2019 What was the reason for the ban: Staff Dis Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I came back to t
  5. hey man don't do this. I don't want any more drama. I was saying "Hit me up if you wanna play." as a generalized question for everyone, not directed at you.
  6. I got this game when it was on sale, I highly recommend you get it I've got 90 hours on it. Its a super fun game. Hit me up if you wanna play.
  7. Well it looks like the end for me, farewell IG.

  8. @Kamelieon I remember the day when you told everyone on the server my pm to you about wolf in ooc that was funny man.
  9. Sorry mate, not into clonewars
  10. well uh I'm back now but Ill be on a lot less but I'm going come by and say hey to you guys again I'll be on during peak hours but other then that I'll be busy doing other things I'll be looking forward I guess to seeing all you chumps again.
  11. OMG EPIC GAMER MOMENT THE HYPE IS REAL I still love the Borderlands 2 Intro tho, Ive played the Hell out of Borderlands 1 & 2 On pc and Xbox 360
  12. Looks like KFC is winning I thought Mcdonalds would be the most popular.
  13. Hey guys I want to know about your favorite game or games you played in your childhood that you had tones of fun playing? Mine are Halo 3 MW2 Black Ops 1 COD 4 Skate 3 Club Penguin Runescape Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort New Super Mario Bros
  14. Once a apon a time there was a little boi named snoozy, and he had no breakfast . What a shame, his little tummy was grumbling and he was very very hungry. He thought to himself I want to get something really filling and tasty so he rung mummy up and begged to go get some KFC, and so mummy reluctantly agreed. She picked little Snoozy up and drove through the KFC Drive-through and got some Zinger Stacker burgers, some popcorn chicken and some frozen pepsi. Little Snoozy is very very happy now and also very full, .... (and fat) YUM!.
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