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  1. OK what I'm trying to say is I would like to be Unbanned, and that my decisions I made back then to get myself banned is something I regret doing and I wish to come back to the community on a Probation period or a final chance or something to prove myself to you that I have changed, people think I haven't changed but I will prove them wrong. I would try to make amends with everyone that I may have hurt In any way as I enjoyed playing on the server,
  2. well I wouldn't come on to a ban appeal just to say I should or want be Unbanned just because. As I said on my appeal I explained near the bottom If you guys did decide to unban me I would have no say in whether I should be Unbanned or not as its up to you guys. also well I guess someone had to set me to ST private so Idk what your saying about what rank you set me to but here is a screenshot from the database ps if you want the simple answer yes I wish to be unbanned so I could come back to the community.
  3. Thanks Mongo you have brought up very good points here lemme try to break down and or explain everything you have said. Snoozy personally I loved you man, you were a good member of the community although you mixed with the wrong people, having been apart of the group of people in the "Frank is gay" steam group along with Emerald, Brass and Dexoys. I did enjoy talking to you as well, yes I did play a lot on the server back before I got banned I did enjoy when we helped each other with pac and such. I guess you could say I mixed with the wrong people but none of them encouraged me to do what I did so the "Bad Influence" part doesn't really make sense to me. Yes I wasn't a part of the group of people in the "Frank is Gay", I created it and invited my friends which was also a idiotic thing to do. (I'm Choosing to put it as friends as I have the right to call them friends and not "Emerald, Brass and Dexoys" as I feel like its a different point of view, I'm not disagree-ing with you as my "friends" did stupid things to get banned but I'm not saying that to take sides with anyone or to offend anyone its just what actually did Happen) (I don't know how else to put that) Ontop of that I had seen you on another server and according to the owner of the Server who I happened to be close friends with due to my past server owner position, said you had talked a lot of smack about IG on their server. Yes I admit doing that as well but can't remember what it is I exactly said. Personally your outburst for losing PAC3 as well as a lot of other issues that arose in your final days of IG before being community banned where a bit extreme. I left for a month then came back and got my pac removed when I came back and I remember getting salty at frank A little bit that I do apologize for as well and yes I did have many issues which was wrong decisions I made over and over again which snowballed and got me to crack and get banned I am so regretful of that, as I miss playing on the server dearly. It's good you're admitting all your mistakes and recounting in great detail about all your wrongdoings which lead up to your ban, but It doesn't feel sincere to me. Especially because it was extremely childish of you to do such horrible things over such a small situation. Yes I am admitting that I am the cause of all of this but I wish it would have never happened, that I never made the bad decisions I made, I do understand why you would feel that I'm not sincere but that is your opinion and I respect that. I am very stupid and dumb to do this to myself over such a small situation and I am regretting ever doing it. I would like to see what @Head Coach Frank has to say on the situation tho as I did take out my rage on him.
  4. Steam Details Steam Name: Billy the Goat Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68252626 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/XSync01/ In Game Details In Game Name: Snoozy In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanant Which staff member banned you: CODY?/ Tarkin What date did the ban occur: 09/05/2019 What was the reason for the ban: Staff Dis Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I came back to the community after leaving for a month or so, don't know the date exactly but I was a storm trooper and tried out for medics and got in, I didn't Enjoy medics so I left and joined 212th as it was the first regiment I joined ever when I joined the server. At the time I thought I was in medics for 3 days when I Ieft but I obviously can't count. Frank came up to me when I was doing a patrol with 212th and said to me something along the lines of this "I've been told by people / getting reports that you Snoozy have been reg hopping, is this true, if so I will set you back to private ST", I replied with "NO I HAVEN'T". He then TPed somewhere else and I continued to patrol with 212th, about 20 or so minus later He set me back to ST private for reg hopping. In the heat of the moment I WAS F'ing Fuming when I realized I was set to ST Private I then left the game, Ranted to my 212th CO it was Larko after this happened in discord PMS. I then proceeded to Make a Group on steam out of anger Called "Frank is Super Gay" I put in the description about 5 sentences of Saying Frank is this and Frank is that, f**k frank etc. (bad words) I then invited Dexoys then later Brass and Emerald and like 1 or 2 other people joined I also posted it in a discord that had other people in it, I said "Everyone join this steam group"( with a link to the steam group and posted it in the discord chat) No one joined from the discord so I deleted the link from that discord. Now with about 5 members in the group we made a post or a thread as " what is your most Autistic Frank moment" people posted their memes and such about stuff frank did to them on the server/ situations. I then made some of the five people admins or Officers as you call it of the steam group, Frank joins the steam group and says " hi or I love the name of this steam group " not really sure but not anything negative at all, but out of my anger still towards him for setting me back to private (BTW he has every right to demote me to private as it wouldn't be fair for other people) I banned him from the "hate" steam group and Locked the Steam group, I then Get Perm Banned from Imperial RP, Clone Wars, Santos RP, Team Speak and The Forums. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I don't believe that myself should be unbanned as what I did was something that isn't very nice and when I look back on it was a very childish thing to do By going out of my way to call someone of the staff team a "Retard" and "Gay" and making a steam group based on them in this case It was Aimed at Frank. I didn't DOXX him or anything like that I just Said This Person "Frank." is gay I didn't personally expose him in anyway but I did call him names over the internet like playground insults and I regret being angry and all that. What I did was really really immature and I chose to make the steam group by my own decisions and I am Partly to blame for dexoys Ban as I did encourage him to join. Few other things to touch on, 1: I didn't invite people to this "hate group" anywhere On IG except for in one of my friends discords that has some old players from IG like Twinkie, emerald and brass, so for the people accusing me of sending link invites to the steam group through IG Forums pm, IG Teamspeak and IG Discords this is simply not true I only sent it on a discord and to a few other people. I have now since Deleted the Steam Group Completely. 2: @Head Coach Frank I understand that what I said to you and about you in the steam group is very childish and now that I look back on it was so much drama all over one little thing which I caused and I'm very sorry that I called you those horrible names I can only imagine how you must have felt when you were targeted by me and the drama that ensued after. I understand frank that you are a human being and you feelings even if you didn't really get hurt by what I said, I should give you my apologies regardless. 3: @Wolf I am sorry for all the issues and Drama I have caused the staff team you guys give people something very special and put time into a community and make a custom made gmod game with all hard work from Devs, Management and staff team to make a place very functional and a place where people can get away from reality and I admire that. I did also speak with you in regards to the situation on steam through PM and supposedly inviting people through IG communications but you found this not to be true and I thank you very much for unbanning me from the forums. 4: I made a stupid comment/comments in the IG steam group but I only remember saying " Eg is the Best thing to happen to IG" this is one of the last things I said which probably Killed my chances of ever getting back into the community again and I am sincerely sorry for that as well. 5: After reading the forums and after reading the situation and Time to reflect over the 3 months I've been banned I realize that I'm a asshole and IG is unique same with the people in it. Honestly I miss this community heaps, I had some amazing moments with amazing people and Had some of the best moments I've had while playing games and most Importantly it gave me an Immersive and enjoying Role-play experience which I deeply enjoyed. To everyone else I'm really sorry for what I've done what I did was truly pathetic and disgusting and I don't expect to ever be let back into this community as its up to you guys, If there was any chance of myself being allowed back into the community I would except having a Probation period or having one final chance in the community and I would try and make ends meet with everyone. If I have missed anything PLEASE reply and call me out for anything I except any type of Criticism even if it is negative as It is well deserved. PS, Will try to update this appeal frequently. Yours Truly, Snoozy.
  5. Seems ... Random. Care to give us some context?
  6. hey man don't do this. I don't want any more drama. I was saying "Hit me up if you wanna play." as a generalized question for everyone, not directed at you.
  7. I got this game when it was on sale, I highly recommend you get it I've got 90 hours on it. Its a super fun game. Hit me up if you wanna play.
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