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  1. I tried, I'm sorry :(

  2. Thanks for the criticism Cammers. I do consider your opinions, and others. I read them carefully. But that doesn't mean they can freely post on a ban appeal, Now I understand people make mistakes and that's and we learn from these mistakes to better our future decisions. As It clearly states OP and Staff only. You are right about me saying a few borderline/over the top statements and responses in the appeal, again I apologize If I come off arrogant, I'm just being blunt. Yes I was immature back then, ya know the offensive terms. I didn't quite understand the impact behind them then, I
  3. Good point. But I disagree with you I haven't been looking for a quick way out and I am sincerely sorry. during the first ban appeal I have tried to contact the management team and frank at the time and just got no chance to even speak to frank or so. I just got ignored, shut down, tossed to the side. I believe in the past banned members had a chance to talk to management in private to work something out. I never even got to discuss this. I have been going far and beyond in my appeals to reach out and try to resolve things in the past. I've tried to talk to former management and to apologi
  4. That's okay just letting you know
  5. Hey just a heads up only members of staff and OP (only on their own appeal ) can comment/reply on ban appeals if I remember correctly, also you joined 2 months ago.
  6. Okay lemme just point out a few false statements you have made in your reply Point 1 & 2. My offence was actually making a Steam group In which I said "Gay" "Super Gay" and "No balls" in that steam group but I am not responsible for at all for all the other language. I Invited 2 others brass and emerald, Yes I did target staff, but it was a Singular Managment staff member not multiple, I also didn't make obscene and over the top comments I am not responsible for that. But I did make some offensive comments as Ive stated above. I do believe there was a little provocation which led to
  7. Will do gimme give some time to edit
  8. Before you Deny this Ban Appeal I have gotten permission from the current community owner to reapply after my app was Denied with no real resolve or explanation Here is a screenshot as proof @Cecil Steam Details Steam Name: Srundo Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68252626 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Srundo/ In Game Details In Game Name: Snoozy In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: CODY?/ Tarkin What date did t
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