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  1. So I've noticed a fair few of you standing around that damned holotable recently. So i though i would give you a list of some good fan films to watch whilst being bored. They're not ranked in any specific order, just pick the ones that intrigue you the most. They're also a lot more fan films out there, if anyone likes these and wants to see more, feel free to PM for anything specific you're interested in.
  2. Some of y’all might know some might not, but I am taking a break from the server. Been playing for over a year now and Iv made many friends and sh*t. Had some great RP with some of you others maybe not. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for or even if I’ll come back. I’ll still be browsing the forums and sh*t plus will be on TS if you want to talk. Best of luck, Carswell
  3. I will be leaving neutral on the this application because, Has the ability to command and control a moderate group of people Can be quite toxic and inconsiderate of other people at times From knowledge, has moderate understanding of Star Wars universe Events seem moderately fine, would like to see a heavy passive RP event added Best of luck, Carswell
  4. The Donovans send their regards
  5. bbno$ - Nursery & Thankul Ski Mask The Slump God - Faucet Failure & Foot Fungus
  6. Post Destruction of the Second Death Star. Would like to live as a Captain of my own freighter or work for the New Republic Intelligence Agency as an Intelligence Officer.
  7. I will be giving you a HUGE +1 because You have the previous experience as an Event Master. You are one of the most humble and best people I have met to play on the server. You have creative and detailed events. You are well known throughout the community. Best of luck, Carswell
  8. I will be giving you a +1 for the following reasons Active and mature member of the community Well written and descriptive application Events are thought out and descriptive Nice friendly guy Best of luck, Carswell
  9. What usually classifies as an event for us is if it includes more than half the server (Or tries to). The EM team on both servers are always trying to come up with new interesting passive event ideas. We just don't want to recycle old passive events, as it can get repetitive and boring over time. We also try to refrain from having any mingy events (As this is a serious RP server).
  10. Hi Sky, I'm going to give you a Neutral/Leaning to +1 because You're a well-known member of the Imperial community with a good reputation Your events are good with a good backstory to them But Some questions in your application lack detail I know you can do a bit better in your application Best of luck, Carswell
  11. Hi Solar, I will be giving you a -1 because, There is serious room for improvement in your event structure and detail Your event ideas seem quite basic (There is a lot of room for improvement within the event ideas) The application lacks detail in the questions Will be willing to change to Neutral or +1 if improvement is seen. Best of luck, Carswell
  12. Sad to see you go @Hyperion, you were pretty chill after I kicked the shit out of you for being a minge. Much love brother, best of luck in the future. Much Love, Carswell
  13. Carrion Spike, Tarkins personnel corvet
  14. Carswell


    This is a funny joke Wombat, mine are Become an Admiral Have all 14 Navy on at once Become best EM (Already done)
  15. Best of luck moving, your welcome back in Navy at any time.
  16. Neutral leaning to -1 You only have 3 days on the server Your application is written out well Events lack creativity Can be immature and mingy at times Best of luck, Carswell
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