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  1. Best of luck in your next venture! Cheers for the good times and for cultivating such a great place to hang with the homies o7
  2. Dragonquest XI is great if you like traditional JRPGs, Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War is great for when you just want to murder armies of uruks by yourself, Kakarot is good if you don't wanna think too hard and just wanna play through the DBZ storylines and punch people in the face Goddamnit Kris literally beating me to the Shadow of War rec as I'm typing
  3. I knew there was a reason I felt like lurking, the legend returns to grace us with more holy scripture
  4. One of the more fun days for ISB, sending out the SWAT team
  5. Jedi Knight Jedi Academy isn't in 1st place so this poll is void
  6. Java: Tonberry94 Bedrock: Tonberry94 Why I should be whitelisted: There will be many of you who have jammed Minecraft with me before, you know it's a good time
  7. Ahhh I've missed the ol Palpy vs Krennic battles
  8. Lost my shit at the DIO part and at the precaching lmfao
  9. I was thinking the same thing until I realised in Wolf's time zone this would have been posted early on April Fool's day... Showing as being posted on the 31st of March to me which is extra disappointing :p Looks like I will remain lurking in the shadows
  10. Ayyy happy birthday Corvo! If it wasn't for ol mate Captain Corvo of Widow Squad, there is a good chance I would have never gone further than a Storm Trooper so cheers for making my introduction to SWRP awesome and compelling and for making me wanna stick around right back when I was a private
  11. Ngl I'd pick the Lexus LC500 over a Ferrari or a Lambo but I am a big Toyota guy
  12. *votes for Godot engine*
  13. P400A is sweet for cooling, don't worry about that [EDIT] original p400 got slated for bad circulation (which might be where you heard the bad stuff) but 400a has the mesh front
  14. Tonberry


    RIP Burton, one of the great minges of his time
  15. Hyphy for the final showdown between Bibleman and Krennic
  16. Looks f**kin dope, must be satisfying actually being able to wear the full kit now
  17. nah he's talking about the version that has 1.5TB of RAM, it exists it's just ridiculous also Larko, not that I think you are actually considering a Mac, but if you are check out Louis Rossman's youtube channel to learn how fun it is to fix a Mac in the event that something goes wrong, versus a windows PC which is essentially just a meccano set that you can easily disassemble and reassemble and troubleshoot
  18. Buying Kallus thrice lmao Also Sterling was good, but that's not as funny to say
  19. Specs look like it would eat anything at 1080p for breakfast
  20. Better job than last year where there were randomly two tonberries instead of shopping in a Krennic
  21. Tinky is going to need a wheelbarrow to carry off all those medals! Bibleman also cleaning up this year like a boss
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