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  1. People misunderstand you Bibleman, your intentions are genuinely good and you've never actually done any malicious rule breaking like mass rdm or bullying, it's all based on your character's reactions to the events unfolding around him, even if the way the character reacts is often... uhh.. colourful, the RP is consistent for the established character that you roleplay as tbh You also generate genuine RP for ISB and I imagine also SK/RT, and you stay in character and accept punishments with good grace when caught (catching/finding Bibleman is easier said than done).
  2. How are people getting robbed so bad? I just say "aw come on mayne I'm a broke ass, I got child support to pay mayne" and nobody has ever continued the robbery past that. Don't just drop your pants and bend over for any thief, try RP your way out of getting mugged lmao
  3. This one legit hurts dude, it won't be the same server without you around. Cheers for all the epic times, don't be a stranger, come hang in the ISB TS! Maybe come back one day and finally get your white shirt? you even got me going through old clips, smh o7
  4. Tank vs Hammer would be a good fight, the two thiccest boiis in the Empire going head-to-head
  5. Yeah there are GTRs, think they are like 250k At least there is plenty of room to fit a 2J once you've thrown that boxer in the bin
  6. Drug lab also requires 8 metal brackets, and only 6 metal plates
  7. Answers are somewhat lacking but examples demonstrate good proficiency in PAC3 editor +1
  8. +1 also a sexy beast with mad transferable skills from staff stints on Imperial and CW
  9. +1 sexy beast with mad transferable skills from staff stints on Imperial and CW
  10. Would also be sweet if the mayor vote popped up to the side of the screen and didn't lock your controls so random elections don't make you crash your car
  11. Kyle Katarn easy S tier except that Disney decided to make him not exist anymore
  12. Tonberry

    Rip Born

    Big RIP, hope to see you around homie
  13. Level up your ASPD and spec into the "highly functioning" category. You will learn how to emulate traditional social conventions, allowing you to reduce social friction by 15%, giving a +5 bonus to persuasion. You also gain the bonus skill "undetectable", which hides your sociopathy from regular society. This counteracts any of the debuffs a sociopath player may encounter, and provides an enormous strategic advantage towards players who will mistakenly believe you are making decisions based on empathy and conscience, rather than selfishly furthering your agenda by hiding beneath the social conventions you have learned to emulate, allowing you to exploit the path of least social resistance while also gaining all the perks associated with the "good samaritan" class. sh*t's OP.
  14. Yeah, comes down to "does it make sense in character" It would be reasonable that a trooper might have a punch up with another trooper as a result of having their honour insulted, after a heated in character disagreement, or even something simple as having an RP crate knocked from their hands; but it is unlikely that a trooper would premeditate a murder and then go carry it out on an ISD, surrounded by other troopers loyal to the Empire. Much less likely again that a trooper would mentally snap and begin a rampage. It is not likely that troopers will trust each other enough to confide any doubts they have in the Empire, as they would expect 99% of troopers to turn them in for expressing these treasonous thoughts - this makes cults/uprisings/rebellions incredibly unlikely to occur in character. A trooper is reasonably likely to slander lesser officers among his own troopers, which may lead to some pranking shenanigans against said officer, but again, unlikely it would come to violence in character. Instances of PTSD or other mental illness would come to light during scheduled medical checkups or ISB loyalty tests, and are unlikely to trigger a spontaneous meltdown in character as troopers prone to such issues are identified and weeded out ahead of time. A trooper is not likely to ever have any in depth knowledge relating to the Jedi or the Sith, nor any knowledge of TI or the Death Star.
  15. damnit I'm out of reacts for the day and there is still content in this thread deserving of my upvotes
  16. I entered my further credentials and it's telling me my access is denied immersion broken
  17. "You were banned from the server"
  18. *takes a swig of whiskey before pouring a shot out on the ground of the DS-01 hangar* No Boris to cause mischief, no Eazy E now that he has joined ISB... What are we supposed to do all day now? I guess we can delete the collective 50gb of Boris evidence. I wonder who will take up the mantle?
  19. Massive +1 for having Krennic in every scene
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