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  1. Tonberry


  2. Tonberry

    Sith Lord Starkiller/Apprentice Galen Marek

    It's already a lore stretch having the sheer number of saber wielders we already have on one Star Destroyer, we definitely don't need any more IMO
  3. Tonberry

    R/Askig Christmas special!

    Oh yeah that's the other thing I want for christmas time to stop going by so fucking fast
  4. Tonberry

    R/Askig Christmas special!

    Just some of the cheaper EDH singles I can never have enough of, or need more of for decks but instead I'll get some useless chinese landfill fodder that has no use to me, or alcohol that I won't drink because my family always forget that I stopped drinking like 5-6 years ago Cyclonic Rift (any number), Command Tower (any number), Doubling Season (one or two), Skullclamp (1-4), Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (any number), Bitter Ordeal (one), Rite of Replication (1-3), Triumph of the Hordes (one), Rhystic Study (any number), Glacial Chasm (any number), Sensei's Divining Top (literally fuck me up with any number of these), Strip Mine (any number), Sword of Feast and Famine (1-2) Plus a metric assload of other singles, these are just a few that are particularly versatile for deckbuilding and/or being sorely missed in at least one deck right now!
  5. Tonberry


    As in the quest counts up to a certain amount of damage and once you hit that, the quest is complete and fists are removed from your inventory
  6. Tonberry


    Yeah I wondered about the circumstances around this, particularly as he states my men were beating him to death... The fists only do 50 damage in the quest before they are removed, so unless he was already injured, this should have not been possible. I've told the boys not to abuse quests regardless This is already a problem in TS looking at you @Robo *loud windows shutdown noise*
  7. Tonberry


    I'll definitely have a word with the lads about this
  8. Tonberry

    Credit Shakedowns

    Give it two days and people will get bored, it's only really happening on such a scale because it's new. The hype will die down in a few days and we'll be back to business as usual. In the meantime, I'll make sure my boys crack down on any undeclared supplementary incomes being earned by imperial personnel from dodgy dealings such as this. Shit ain't getting taxed, which means COMPNOR ain't getting their cut - this is not acceptable to the empire!
  9. Improved leaps and bounds since his last application, has clearly taken the previous feedback and tough love from other players onboard, and as such I am prepared to now give this a +1
  10. Tonberry

    Court Case | Basil Suing the Grand Moff

    Did he really try to accuse the bureau of being racist? smh. We have more racial diversity and ethnic representation than most regiments, I would wager!
  11. Tonberry

    Christmas Giveaway

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/master_tonberry Keen as to jam Sins, still haven't motivated myself to grab a copy yet! In with a grin
  12. Tonberry

    Snoozy's Support Team Application

    Huge +1 for this sexy beast of a player, dedicated af
  13. Tonberry

    Cool Desktop

    When I saw the subject line, I was 99% sure this was going to be a rainmeter thread
  14. Gideon is a big smelly but he still gets a +1 from Ton
  15. Tonberry

    Galle's Tier 1 Application

    Big 'ol +1 for Galle
  16. Tonberry

    Yes I'm leaving.

    Hope to see you back aboard the Star Destroyer every now and again, all the best with the future! Was good having ya in the Bureau!
  17. Tonberry

    Rivers / Mars - Trial Mod Application

    Don't know how I managed to sleep on this app, could have sworn I had +1'd it already! Huge +1!
  18. Tonberry

    Channing's Farewell

    We'll miss ya buddy
  19. All IC and OOC interactions have been pleasant and positive. Good RPer and does a great job of being active. Big +1 from me
  20. Last time I played was in 2014 so my impressions of Star Citizen may be a little harsh ahaha good to hear it's more than just a cash grab by developers to people buying dreams these days
  21. Power creep only ever leads to more power creep. Do this once, every reg will eventually come up with convincing reasons to have various boosts. If these boosts were to be applied, it would set a precedent for future decisions - it will be hard to make the argument that another regiment does not deserve a boost once another regiment has received one. -1
  22. Tonberry

    Camaro's Tier 1 Application

    Absolutely dedicated, fantastic roleplayer, works damn hard in ISB, can definitely be trusted with PAC - and his skill will only grow with time and experience. +1
  23. Tonberry

    ♜ Rook's EM Application ♜

    Quality application, quality examples, quality player Big ol' +1