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  1. Will be good to have you back aboard the ISD!
  2. Just call it "Australia RP" change beer to VB and have a bunch of hostile kangaroo NPCs going around trying to kickbox people in the head
  3. Hmmm sounds odd, I'll have to look into it. From what I've been hearing, SK/RT have been refusing to comply with ISB with even simple requests such as showing identification (caused a 20 minute sit yesterday). Brushing up on the ISB rulebook on the forum might help differentiate what a legitimate request is from a powerplay, in situations where members of the regiment are unsure of our boundaries. When requested, you must present ID, much as we present ID without complaint when SK/RT are running a checkpoint. Considering the amount of flak ISB constantly cop from high ups and management, and the amount of times I've told my boys that they will be straight PK'd for causing issues, I wouldn't imagine ISB are actively going out there and causing trouble. Any legitimate evidence of powerplay should be passed directly to Kristofer or myself for immediate investigation.
  4. What have the arguments been regarding?
  5. All for driving on the left and having road signs in metric lmao
  6. We need some passive event type stuff to do, probably a catch 22 since they would have to be player driven to begin with in order to keep players active, but things like illegal street races across the city for cash or pink slips, maybe race crew RP for those who don't wanna do the gang thing. Will also give the cops something to do chasing the street racers around. Could also attempt things like drift comps and show & shines (not sure how possible drift comps would be with the finicky car controls) maybe just to generate a little passive RP. Could set up lame Capture the Flag style events where for an hour or so people take sides and compete across the city - ideally still with cops patrolling that the players have to avoid? Idk I feel like there is plenty of design space yet to be delved into and we just need a small number of players to generate events worth logging in for
  7. I'm still active on Santos, even if the server is so empty I'm just cooking meth in the bank
  8. People misunderstand you Bibleman, your intentions are genuinely good and you've never actually done any malicious rule breaking like mass rdm or bullying, it's all based on your character's reactions to the events unfolding around him, even if the way the character reacts is often... uhh.. colourful, the RP is consistent for the established character that you roleplay as tbh You also generate genuine RP for ISB and I imagine also SK/RT, and you stay in character and accept punishments with good grace when caught (catching/finding Bibleman is easier said than done).
  9. How are people getting robbed so bad? I just say "aw come on mayne I'm a broke ass, I got child support to pay mayne" and nobody has ever continued the robbery past that. Don't just drop your pants and bend over for any thief, try RP your way out of getting mugged lmao
  10. This one legit hurts dude, it won't be the same server without you around. Cheers for all the epic times, don't be a stranger, come hang in the ISB TS! Maybe come back one day and finally get your white shirt? you even got me going through old clips, smh o7
  11. Tank vs Hammer would be a good fight, the two thiccest boiis in the Empire going head-to-head
  12. Yeah there are GTRs, think they are like 250k At least there is plenty of room to fit a 2J once you've thrown that boxer in the bin
  13. Drug lab also requires 8 metal brackets, and only 6 metal plates
  14. Don't leave us Bibleman
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