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  1. Tonberry

    Server Change Log – 15/12/2018

    Chimaera only just got new models recently to make them look more like DT, I thought that was the point
  2. Tonberry

    Vaccine System

    +1 for being able to purchase immunity shots from medics against particular strains, kind of annoying if you're having a regimental meeting and everyone gets sick and starts dying halfway through lmao I understand why being able to toggle it on and off would be too much, but being able to have booster shots to dodge some of the more common illnesses could cut down on interruptions, as large groups are particularly susceptible to falling ill en masse whenever one person contracts the most common illness
  3. I have no issue sticking my name and reputation out there to give this distinguished gent my +1 Absolutely stand-out member of ISB, goes above and beyond the call of duty. Would make a fantastic staff member!
  4. Tonberry

    My goodbye letter ( thanks and apologies)

    Farewell sweet Rabura, you gave ISB and SK/RT so much purpose during your time with us, I will never forget how one of my agents finally broke you in re-education
  5. Tonberry

    Thoughts on a thing

  6. Tonberry

    Any fixes for this PAC3 Glitch

    For the benefit of others could you post your system specs? Could be helpful for identifying the cause if other people having the issue post their specs too, might see some common themes crop up. I have never encountered this issue myself
  7. Tonberry

    My latest weapon

    /me arrests Pendragon for underage drinking Let's sober you up with a night in the cells, young ruffian!
  8. That feel when you're in New Zealand, and due to work in the morning, will never be on the server past like 10pm for everyone else
  9. Tonberry

    I'm leaving

    o7 You will always be the true Krennic to me, Bureau Chief
  10. Tonberry

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    You already know you're voting for ya boii Ton Now I just have to find a gawddamn screenshot so I can submit my votes haha
  11. Tonberry


  12. Tonberry

    R/Askig Christmas special!

    Oh yeah that's the other thing I want for christmas time to stop going by so fucking fast
  13. Tonberry

    R/Askig Christmas special!

    Just some of the cheaper EDH singles I can never have enough of, or need more of for decks but instead I'll get some useless chinese landfill fodder that has no use to me, or alcohol that I won't drink because my family always forget that I stopped drinking like 5-6 years ago Cyclonic Rift (any number), Command Tower (any number), Doubling Season (one or two), Skullclamp (1-4), Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (any number), Bitter Ordeal (one), Rite of Replication (1-3), Triumph of the Hordes (one), Rhystic Study (any number), Glacial Chasm (any number), Sensei's Divining Top (literally fuck me up with any number of these), Strip Mine (any number), Sword of Feast and Famine (1-2) Plus a metric assload of other singles, these are just a few that are particularly versatile for deckbuilding and/or being sorely missed in at least one deck right now!
  14. Tonberry


    As in the quest counts up to a certain amount of damage and once you hit that, the quest is complete and fists are removed from your inventory