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  1. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Heading Overseas

    Hello this is Bossk or Kallus Ill be inactive for a while because I’ll be heading off overseas for 3 or 2 weeks to London tommorrow I’ll be coming back on the 14th of August
  2. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Tackxo's Tier 1 PAC3 Application.

    +1 Awsome dude worth deserving Im better at you in BEATSABER
  3. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Staff Report - Sudo Kye

  4. ItsYaBoiBossky

    WWII #2

    Back again with WWII screenshots I took, Enjoy ; >
  5. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Basil's PAC3 T1 application

  6. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Kendricks Goodbye

    Farewell Kendrick ;--;
  7. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Emerald's Support Team Application

    +1 Emerald is just a amazing guy and he is worth deserving joining the support team!
  8. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Gregis PAC3 Tier 1 Application

  9. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Unofficial Game Night's

    - Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Fortnite - For Honor - Rainbow Six Siege - Trouble In Terrorist Town - Player ground unknown - Friday the 13th: The Game - Left 4 Dead 2 - No More Room In Hell - Rocket League - Realm Royal - Watch Dogs 2 - Stick Fight The Game ECT ECT...
  10. ItsYaBoiBossky

    My "Better"? IG Logo's / Designs

    Red because its the blood of our enemy's!
  11. ItsYaBoiBossky


    @Wombatiacus Call of Duty®: WWII https://store.steampowered.com/app/476600/Call_of_Duty_WWII/ Buy Call of Duty: WWII SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends 24 July -40% $59.99 $35.99 USD
  12. ItsYaBoiBossky


  13. ItsYaBoiBossky


    These screenshots I have took from WWII Game WARNING Image below contains extremely graphic and disturbing image which may offend some viewers. Discretion is strongly advised. Thank you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  14. ItsYaBoiBossky

    Star wars rp