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  1. Teamspeak is alot more customizable with perms and icons and more accustom to 128 players being on it at once. Also last i checked it was more secure thanks to its security certificates etc. With the quest system it was only just released so all the little knicks and nacks are still being worked out. I appreciate the suggestions but they are hardly "major" more like alternative options I like the scoreboard we currently have its light weight and easy to read. Spend some more time playing and you might agree too
  2. Great little photo shoot to say goodbye to a hugely loved director
  3. Its not physically picking it up if you press e on the base it goes into a weapon in your inventory
  4. I just played around with it on single player. It works fine but for it to be implemented on the server we would have to rework how it allows users to pick it up or we will have ST's running up picking the turret up and possibly placing down one and having a RDM spree. The model is pretty basic and its currently a Clone Wars Era turret from a clone wars era model pack which wouldnt really fit in to the server. If someone can find a suitable Imperial turret model i might have a go and see what i can do but for the amount of work required vs possible performance drop (just like how the gatlin
  5. Low key sad that you didn't start with Hey Mates. Welcome to IG!
  6. Sign me up for admiral since ive got the rear admiral pledge xd
  7. @Renegaderade can i get the dt snak recipe thank
  8. Whats wrong with mute divisions smh
  9. Its still a long while off but when its in a playable (by playable i mean able to host a dedi with 100+ players) state it will be a god send
  10. Ragetank

    Wire Mod

    -1 Server is laggy enough as is we dont need E2's making it a whole lot worse
  11. Ragetank

    LUA Issue

    What is the LUA issue?
  12. [REDACTED] Unauthorized Access Detected Possible Rebel Spy ISB Dispatched
  13. In my opinion the worst parts of events that ive seen is when 2000 hp characters with op weps have to get to point A to point B in the ship (e.g mh2 > bridge) just leads to walking death. Though not much can be done about this besides changing the event itself which might not be viable. For instances when we are assaulting the event characters (rebel base) i think a slight health nerf plus a good healthy dose of cannon fodder npcs would work well to decrease this OPness of individuals whilst providing the satisfaction of killing for players. Not sure if the server has the mod but i kn
  14. Just buy it on humble its free boi
  15. Uppa Stellaris ^ Sins of Solar Empire Rebellion Some call me the KING of both Stellaris and SOASE:R Gmod Siege Arma 3 Star Citizen Papas Pizzeria Whatevers good yo
  16. H.R.B.S Hyper Realistic Breach Simulation Breach Inc. would like to proudly announce that H.R.B.S is ready for deployment throughout the Imperial Army. Bringing the latest in simulation technological advancements as well as the cutting edge in military tactics. H.R.B.S is a fully contained unit built from the ground up. It focuses on providing troopers with essential breaching expertise especially in the field of hostage situations. Please preview a sample walk through provided below. With plentiful amounts of hyper realistic decor, hostile targets and friendly V.I.P targets. If YOU
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