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  1. Death troopers wants to know your location
  2. The commission has a proposal for the "Mayor" meet at the docks at 18:00 bring no one.
  3. You forgot to tag junior dev @Chopz for his NPC
  4. What about ISB or are we interrogating on the curb again
  5. -door being kicked down in the distance- @Sully: Oh shi
  6. -dispatches self to apprehend my self-
  7. Glitter is an infection hazard and would be a horrible idea to throw in a medical ward. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5337969/Why-glitter-toxic-scientists-want-banned.html Also have fun roleplaying cleaning it up.
  8. o7 will never forget all the times you've thrown me out of the ship for lagging you with PAC best of luck.
  9. Pretty self explanatory dont be an asshole and spoil the movies for others. Love Incredibly wide boi
  10. The joke is ruined now
  11. Upvote this if you would like to see more
  12. You'll always be apart of the DT T H I C C gang
  13. HUGE -1 You can crash a server in about 5 clicks with tier 1. This would just be a gateway for minges.
  14. Streamline is continuing to work on the issue it is unclear when it will be fixed as of now. More updates to come...
  15. UPDATE From streamline, hopefully it will be resolved soon
  16. All players should be able to connect as the issue has been resolved There is an issue with a transit line going out of NSW. This means interstate players may experience lag or are unable to connect. For now the only way you can connect to any IG servers including TS IMPERIAL AND CLONEWARS is via a VPN to another country (or another state but this is yet to be tested i suggest NZ) I recommend tunnel bear but any work. Keep in mind you only get 500mb a month. As this is an issue with streamlines provider it is unknown how severe or how long it will take to be fixed. Everyone rest
  17. Confirmed that its an interstate problem. If you are really desperate to join you can use tunnel bear to VPN to America/NZ and connect via that (currently connected VIA a VPN to America). Otherwise you have to wait till the interstate line is fixed.
  18. https://status.streamline-servers.com/ Appears that streamline might have some network issues for users connecting interstate @Chopz @Sterling @Ana
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