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  1. Except it's an extreme sentinel planet :p f**k yeah these look great
  2. @[IG] Tackxo Look forward to seeing them! Yo why dont we start an imperial gaming base?
  3. So I pre-ordered this game and was extremely hyped for it like everyone else. It turned out to be absolutely not what all the hype had described it to be. Angry customers and lawsuits ensued. Here's some of my screenshots from launch. But after many updates I decided to clean the dust off and give it another go. What I saw was absolutely amazing. Discovered massive things Discovered some not so massive things flying Discovered some things Raced some small things Setup my first base among the stars. Discovered some weird things
  4. Can you make an addon that makes the server uncrashable
  5. Oh yeah 100% but atleast it clarifies the reason why most troops dont have their weapon out on DEFCON V
  6. I like to think that DEFCON V is almost like "everyone is off duty". Walking around the Chimera could be seen as troopers not currently on duty just doing rudimentary tasks like playing chess, hauling cargo, getting sick, practicing their climb swep etc. Think of the Chimera as more of a home for the troopers, I do see the point of this post but in saying that you wouldn't walk around your home with a gun out 24/7 because 1. That's just odd 2. It takes effort and energy to hold a weapon 3. Makes it seem like your on duty which you probably aren't. I think this post could easily rewritten "U
  7. I've removed the none disease just now let me know if it shows up again. @Billybob1061
  8. if ply == "SCHEFF" then ply:Kill() end done
  9. To add a possible solution to this you could give medics a few "support" slots which are actually rescue troopers. This would give medics their own "firesupport" that could aid them in healing personnel without splitting mt or creating another one.
  10. Honestly I rarely see medics on as is and this would just be another empty void for players to fall into. Too many medical slots if you include this regiment (medics + support). With heaps of medical slots the importance of them diminishes since there would be so many.
  11. Strength: 10 Perception: 3 Endurance: 10 Charisma: 5 Intelligence: 3 Agility: 4 Luck: 1
  12. As much as I'd love for everyone to be hp conscious and be strategic it just doesn't happen. A few points as to why I think below - Laggy events would cause people to die before they get around a corner - ECs need alot of health to simulate multiple rebels and to give players a challenge. Unfortunately some times it ends with reckless ECs but it's almost unavoidable - You can die fast enough as is most snipers can one shot most people - More HP = Longer fire fights which saves players from running alot and gives EMs time to prepare the next part - Lower HP ECs mean we
  13. Alot of these weapons are already on the server but there's a few here that look nice
  14. Yeah @Kurt where's your damn models
  15. This has already been added to the server fyi
  16. I agree with you that the idea of limping to help would suck but then troopers would be very cautious of their movements and would learn very quickly to avoid cliffs. I also like the idea of supports being able to fix legs with splints and I'm going to be honest medics really aren't that overwhelmed with responsibility curing diseases is a 2 minute job Max and this gives them (including supports) more opportunity to rp
  17. I like the idea of this I'll see what I can conjure up
  18. It could be a monthly thing. It could be like a huge training operation where EM's (Or IHC) provide specific tasks or even setup like a circuit of trainings for regiments to participate/compete in.
  19. I think S.T.A.L.K.E.R RP would be cooler
  20. Going to miss you dude all the best for the future
  21. If you keep going at the rate your currently at there will be another post tomorrow the day after and so on. Like i said just summarize it into a weekly post if you really want to boast about your gang
  22. Maybe do weekly reports on your gang because if everyone shared every event in the server the forums would be flooded
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