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  1. When creating dupes using Multi Parent the weld option is unnecessary just use the No collide option.
  2. - Wet bread dipped in swamp water - Ham covered in green algae - Cheese thats been sitting in the sun a little too long - Season with charcoal dust bon appetit
  3. > @PULSE posts a video > Gets popcorn > "This is livin gazza"
  4. Even though mirrors edge star wars rp would be amazing. You have to consider some points: - Were all storm troopers trained in parkour? - How many people would this actually apply to in rp - Does it really bring that much gameplay value? - Is it worth the potential impact on performance for the server? With those in mind I'm going to deny this based off community feedback and my own. Maybe when (probably if) we are graced with S&Box stuff like this could be considered
  5. Already tried putting these on they caused the server to crash upon spawning the models. Also the neck bones are scuffed Denied
  6. It's only scripted that way for you
  7. WELCOME "[CORRUPT]" > cd isb/mainframe/protected/databases > ./5537.db -d -p [PROTECTED] > DECRYPTING 5537.db 0% > %20 > %50 > %80 > %100 5537.db successfully decrypted > Would you like to load 5537.db? [y/n] > y
  8. Wheres the part where you get adopted
  9. Ragetank


    Cya sky! Will miss the fun moments we had on IG come back and visit some day
  10. This pushes the server into the realms of realism. I don't think this would fit well unless we changed alot of things to move it to a more realistic experience. - While EMs can still spawn ECs anywhere on the ship this would be an unfair system. You promote tactical combat but if you do everything in your will to lock down MH1 (and there is no way ECs could get to anywhere else on the ship) then a squad of EC goons run out of engine room and mow down everyone guarding Mh1 from behind that's just unfair and ruins the realistic experience and players would be punished by a minute timer beca
  11. Don't wanna flex but I was on international tv for sports twice
  12. I'm going to keep this short. Has Kristopher done the wrong thing? Yes Has this been blown out of proportion Yes I'm sure EVERYONE has said at one time or another some choice words to their friends about their opinions may they be nasty or not. And I'm sure EVERYONE wouldn't want what they said being said directly to that person. Now I'm not saying Kris hasn't done anything wrong by any means but this just seems way too blown out for what it really is. Kris should say sorry, management should have a few stern words and that's it. I suspect this is more than what just Kris has sa
  13. In the era where planet sized metal balls can kill other planet sized non metal balls with a big green laser. Builds a trebuchet
  14. You know I never thought I'd hear anyone ask for a se14-c in my lifetime...
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