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  1. @Bibleman I'm still alive and you know all too well that I'm going to gutterstomp Galvatron
  2. Where's my freaking invite @Kristofer
  3. He has spoken. This is the way.
  4. Server already looks like this without generals wearing officers uniforms 24/7. The armor enables them to be easily identified and helps them be viewed as proper military leaders not just a pen pusher in a suit.
  5. Been there done that: -1 There's only so many times you can ask for a second chance and there's rarely any you can ask for a third chance. Due to previous actions I will be keeping my support of this to negative because I believe it will all happen again.
  6. Ragetank


    Regarding event characters I believe they are no longer allowed to be over 1000hp
  7. Ragetank


    The health boosts have been balanced in accordance to the new weapons. If we maxed everyones health at 250-300 you would see alot of people getting one or two shot from snipers which is annoying. You have to think about the DLTs role not just how much damage it outputs. It fires very fast and has a large magazine so its main role is a suppression weapon, you line 3 or 4 of those suckers up in a hall way and the entire hall way will be filled with blaster shots. You'll find that the DLT will take alot less than 30 bullets to kill someone at close range, it will take more at long range
  8. Who's this @Dirthi guy and why didn't he get any awards?
  9. Most players timeout on the first attempt of joining the server. If you type retry in console after your first timeout you should be able to join alot faster. It could also just be purely because your computer is too slow. Could you post your specs?
  10. Hello Imperial Gaming, You may see the below text in your chat when the server changes map/restarts and ask what? and why? For a bit of background, precaching models is required so that the server can load player models before they are required. If we didn't do this the server would have a hiccup every time a new player model is spawned. Previously the server precached all of these models as the server started. This would increase the servers total startup time to over 10 minutes. Precaching these models during startup has also proven to make the startups less stable. Now we p
  11. I do not advise using the 64 bit mode. It's unstable and you will crash more often
  12. At the moment only paint splash has rainbow tracers but suggestions are always welcome
  13. Rule of thumb. Never alt tab out of gmod while it's loading. It will take longer and you won't be able to do anything unless you have a second screen. Honestly just wait on that screen for a while and you'll load in or time out. If you time out, reconnect and it's much faster. In regards to the connection problem you'll need to be more specific. It's most likely you catching up to the server so again you may have to wait.
  14. Can we please place all text in spoiler tags. Including replies.
  15. Man Disney really did just stoop that low
  16. This ^ There isn't a scenario where you cant use multi-parent instead of the weld tool. Its much easier and quicker to do tasks when used correctly and is better for the server. Locking this post.
  17. All lights should go off when the reactor goes off. I need this please lord bestow this upon us.
  18. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us. -1 You've demonstrated how mingy you can be twice now I'm not convinced that it won't happen a third time.
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