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  1. 1. How fast/slow is your internet. It doesn't necessarily mean your downloading it could also be mounting. 2. That happens from time to time but if you time out you need to rejoin and that will fix it 3. Depending on how busy the server is plus how fast your computer is it can take 5-15 minutes to fully catch up. Just be patient. You can also add -nopreload to your Garry's mod launch parameters in steam which will make you load in much faster but you will lag for maybe the first 30 minutes as you load assets in as you need it ( I can't stress this enough run around the whole map
  2. This wasn't relating to staff what so ever, this is just stating that your average end user expects the product (the server) to be the best performing it possibly can be which is understandable. The user doesn't understand how all the back end works nor should the user. All the user wants is a smooth experience which we try our very best to deliver. When I say really easy to demand performance I also mean its very easy to say the below statements without actually understanding how to address said issues: Just some examples, its very easy to say there surely is something that
  3. It's really really easy to demand performance from thin air and it's expected since your a user. It's the year 2020 everything should be running smooth but unfortunately like you and the Dev team stated we are working with an engine from 2004 and we are squeezing about as much as we can. Garry's Mod was never developed for our use case so we have had to do some serious optimization on our end to even support 128 players connecting little lone fighting. I personally think the server is in the best place it's ever been in terms of performance and content. We have sub 5 minute restart times
  4. Yes, finally I will be the thiccest boi aboard the ship. Going to miss seeing your chunkyness around <3
  5. You'll probably find that by some miracle gmod will support more players than unreal can
  6. But for real that looks pretty sick. Let's have a chat sometime.
  7. RIP GMOD in a year maybe not any time soon
  8. If you work in cyber security then you should know better to joke about it. Privacy is your main policy. You should be more cautious about privacy then most people on the server.
  9. You seem to forget who the OG really is smh
  10. I agree that music has been abused in gmod alot eg TTT servers playing dubstep full pelt. I personally hated those servers. This is why I was careful to 1. Pick quiet songs that are closer to ambience. 2. Lower the volume significantly. There appears to be this stigma around music in loading screens and music in gmod. But everyone seems to forget every other game. Battlefront 2 is an example and the inspiration. I feel like the subtle sound track immerses more and being a star wars fan boy just adds to the experience. I garuntee alot of people are going to knock it before even tryin
  11. You mute chromium in the volume mixer it should be the one making sound while your joining
  12. Denied If you dont want to listen to the music you can mute the chromium process in volume mixer.
  13. Hello IG Let us know your thoughts on Titan Base by voting in the poll above or commenting below. Also if you have any specific suggestions please feel free to input them below.
  14. You'll find out in time.
  15. As much as i would love to flesh the server out to a character RPG its just not the direction it should take. Alot of those perks aren't do-able and alot of them aren't able to be done without sacrificing performance. We are already working on something for players to sink their credits into but its still in development.
  16. Old news I found this days ago. I was the first to find it don't let jman tell you otherwise. In saying that we are looking into it so possibly expect it in the near future
  17. If you could pick any car in the world which car would you pick? You currently own a Toyota. Would you pick a lexus (source 2 which is fancy source 1, it's better but not by much) Or would you get a Ferrari lambo or w/e the best sports car is (lumberyard and unreal which are so much more powerful than source 2)
  18. I would of been totally fine accepting that you've grown up but you have just demonstrated that you haven't. You could of easily just said "I regret sharing that video my bad" but you went on to say you have no memory. After saying that you even went in and added some detail remarking that it was in the NSFW channel indicating you had 1. Memory of it 2. No remorse still. Now why do i say no remorse? That's because you just tried to justify the fact that you shared it regardless of you saying "not that it makes it any better but it was put in the NSFW channel as a spoiler". I don't think you
  19. I have no memory of sharing that video out? I dont even have the video on my hard drive. You shared it in the bounty hunter discord and had an argument with another community member about it. It's surprising you'd forget that. I also remember it being posted in the ISB discord. Your Dio character was PKd normal procedure for people leaving ISB I'd expect you to be upfront and clear about everything not trying to hide particular things you did. Especially considering the amazing circumstances around getting this ban appeal opportunity.
  20. Frosty you've had a very troubled past on this server. I understand you may of matured since then but some things you can never forgive.
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