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  1. 23 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    This line makes zero sense to me, how can the community not match the direction the Server is going in, is it not the job of Management to direct the Server in the way the Community wants it to go? And later you speak about how Management are 80% hands off the Server and stamp documents, do you not feel that this is WHY the Server is going the direction you described? The reason the Server used to have heavy-handed leaders is because Management were hands on, and Management were the ones playing the Server daily and being in the trenches, rather than stamping documents and logging on to the Server for such a low time every Month.

    Hard truths need to be faced, and its not the users and low ranking Staff Members who need to face them.

    It makes perfect sense just because the community has changed doesn't necessarily mean that management should agree with them. People like jman and gusky make huge changes to bring more RP to the server and its usually wildly unpopular or met with heavy criticism from the community because its too serious or just a change in general. There are many reasons why the server isn't going in the direction that we would love to steer it in. Sure management not being hands on is one of them but like I listed off its also a change in the player base, lack of serious leaders, general staleness of the gamemode etc etc. I'm not going to defend management and say that we cant be doing a better job because we certainly can. However times have changed and peoples priorities do too. To blame management for everything is naive however. Its a team effort and it takes passion and the want for change from the entire change from users to staff. I personally think that either people have misdirected passions or just lack thereof. A mindset that I see alot of people including myself falling into is "Well they dont care so why should I?" and I've seen that mindset throughout the entire community. From new players joining the server trying to do their best to roleplay and being shot down for actually doing roleplay to staff members (senior and junior) doing stupid shit which sets a low standard for the rest of the playerbase. 

    I'm unsure what you were exactly trying to get across when you replied but I feel like we are all talking about the same thing just from different perspectives. Personally until I see passion at all levels (users, staff, management) to really change the server back to the serious rp state it use to be in it'll never get there regardless of how hard management, staff or users try. The damage is done already and if it never changes so be it but i'll always advocate for those who actually want to put passion into the gamemode and roleplay because thats what the golden era of IG was.

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  2. On 5/11/2021 at 9:59 PM, TheApple said:

    This is facts, anything that makes people laugh is outlawed my friend.

    Too many poor decisions have made this server unenjoyable. The amount of people who take "Serious RP" seriously is anything but the vast majority, you're a joker if you think otherwise. Whoever's making some of these changes to the server can't actually believe they're doing a good job when a good amount of the community complains about the same shit. You'll know you've made a good change when half the server pop isn't sat staring at a wall afk.

    Good changes are made all the time it's just the community doesn't match the direction of the server. Few years ago it was much more serious and staring AFK at a wall was a punishable offence that made shock Shepard all the afk people back to bunks. Since then the median serious has dropped off a cliff and now the "community" hates any attempt to return to the servers roots. Shit people argue about today is honestly astonishing.

    You ask so why has the community driven the concept of serious RP off a metaphorical cliff? Who knows honestly otherwise management would of fixed it. I personally think it's the loss of very heavy handed leaders who weren't afraid to punish people. Those leaders actually instilled fear ( don't give me this "yuck serious RP larping shit" because your playing an RP server and that's the idea). These days you'll see either leaders who can't dish out punishment or who demonstrate a very low standard when it comes to RP. Another possible reason is the lack of interaction with the server from management. As a member of management I'll happily admit 80% of management are hands off the server and only stamp documents. @Wolf use to be active as fuck and people actually behaved when he was around otherwise they'd get a smack (even though he minged alot 😉). So management they don't really see the full affect of a proposal it just sounds good on paper. I could go on forever but this is enough for one post.

    TLDR; You play on an RP server don't pull the "too serious" card otherwise your playing for the wrong reasons

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  3. Unfortunately as with all good things in life these NPC's come with a cost. The cost of using VJ NPC's means we would need to reduce our maximum player cap by 40. They are awesome but also horrifically complex to calculate for the server and would most likely bring it to its knees. Or maybe one day when SRCDS decides to support true multi-threaded servers or server CPU's (that are affordable) exceed 5GHz plus.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Dane said:

    Are you telling me you guys don't know how to check a value before using it?????

    Happy for you to send us some code if you want :-)

    But really we aren't checking for weapons on the random list because you might already have it because it gives people who already have these weapons a disproportionate advantage over others who aren't in a regiment who have these guns. If you have a serious issue that you aren't getting one of x amount of random guns which isn't specifically stated anywhere when buying the perk AKA there is no T&Cs saying "You will receive a random gun from x amount of guns" then I suggest you put a formal request into management instead of flexing your algebra ability and arguing pointlessly

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  5. I assure you if we introduced any medical system that required more than 5 seconds to heal someone people would riot. Many systems already exist for realistic damage and treatment but all are way to complicated.


    Also not to mention doing some form of injury calculation/storage on hit for everyone on the server would be horribly taxing. Cool idea but not really practical in gmod

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  6. I understand frustration with buying ammo/ not having as much ammo in reserve. Keep in mind the following points:

    Everyone now has a salary. This was not a feature before so these are free credits for doing nothing. The easily cover the cost of ammo and food plus extra. Think of it as your own personal budget. It also makes you see value in your ammo in a hope to make you use it more sparingly.

    In terms of max ammo from my experience in the past you barely used it. Now it's a shock to the system because you have more than realistic amounts of ammo that you could realistically carry.

    Give it a week see if the unlimited ammo culture can be changed. I see the changes as RP enhancers. Forcing regiments to watch ammo usage and fall back if your out. 


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  7. 2 hours ago, Mongo said:

    These look interesting and are unique, I'll give you that but.

     You do not meet the time requirement to apply for PAC3.

    I suggest you get your hours up on the server and get more well known in the community, along this time you can also attune your pac skills and become an even greater PAC3 user.

    It's a -1 obviously as you don't meet the criteria.


  8. 11 hours ago, Sky said:

    Here is genuinely an interesting idea, but unsure if you could do it, however, it would help out quite a bit for management.

    How about setting up a poll in which if you vote you get like, 1k credits or something, and then put the poll on the server to pop up every now and then.

    The credits will be given whether you vote for or against, but you can only vote once, therefor people have a reason to vote and you can get a larger percentage of the communities vote.

    Just a thought.

    I doubt people would really put thought into voting they would just vote for the sake of a monetary reward or the fact that we shove a poll in their face rather than actually get any meaningful data out of it

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