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  1. Wait so I can finally leave the dungeon @Wolf??
  2. I understand frustration with buying ammo/ not having as much ammo in reserve. Keep in mind the following points: Everyone now has a salary. This was not a feature before so these are free credits for doing nothing. The easily cover the cost of ammo and food plus extra. Think of it as your own personal budget. It also makes you see value in your ammo in a hope to make you use it more sparingly. In terms of max ammo from my experience in the past you barely used it. Now it's a shock to the system because you have more than realistic amounts of ammo that you could realistically carry. Give it a week see if the unlimited ammo culture can be changed. I see the changes as RP enhancers. Forcing regiments to watch ammo usage and fall back if your out.
  3. You forgot one of the shits @Kristofer "It's giving me the shits" Aka it's really annoying me
  4. mid april fools prank gotcha community Minecraft Name: Ragetank Why I should be whitelisted: I know how to make wooden pickaxes
  5. I doubt people would really put thought into voting they would just vote for the sake of a monetary reward or the fact that we shove a poll in their face rather than actually get any meaningful data out of it
  6. As the person working with kumo on getting the new dedi setup i'll happily explain to you why. Players on the server only really care about one thing which is performance. Now when everyone goes around hailing 4x the performance thats horribly incorrect and people will expect way too much from it. For the only thing that matters between this server and the other server, hardware wise, its only an 18% improvement. Everything else expands how much capacity we can work with on the server in terms of adding new servers. Yes we are running linux which may or may not yield any performance or stability improvements. With the new OS, new server and some optimizations the very most we could expect (which is pushing it) is about a 50% increase in performance. I don't want to be that guy but its very important to make sure we don't have people expecting 4x the performance which we wont get. We have more than 4x the specs of our old server in different areas but we will not see that as performance. This is a fact and I agree with it but like I said there is a whole lot of things to consider before even considering putting up a clone wars server. Incorrect. Garry's Mod has had years of development put in by a large team and the fact that it runs 128 players its insane considering the type of game it is and how old it is. Mod & Play is developed by one guy on unreal. Sure it will look good and sure it will run good if its just you and maybe a few mates but watch it crash and burn when you try and get anywhere near the 60 player mark little lone 128. It will never get to 128 player mark either unless the guy expands his team. THE NEW SERVER WILL NOT HAVE 4x THE PERFORMANCE
  7. Just before everyone gets over hyped Yes the new server will be better No it isn't 4x better so please don't expect 4x performance. With that out of the way I know there's always been a large clone wars fan base in IG and various issues have plagued our previous attempts at expansion. Please keep in mind how hard it actually is to launch a server and not have it die and the amount of work that has to go in. Currently everytime we have launched a server we are competing with already existing servers. It's hard to beat those servers who have matured and have been around for a while. Not to mention the most important part the playerbase. Let's say everyone who voted yes on the pole on this forums (at time of writing) moved over. We will have a 30 man clone wars server at peak assuming no one else moves over. Now people on imperial have been playing for a while and moving to clone wars means a risk. A risk they might lose their rank/position if the server were to fail. So let's assume everyone on imperial who didn't vote yes to this post stays put. The integral part of the server which really shines is having a decent enough amount of people for real Rp to happen. We also need diversity aka multiple regiments to deepen the rp and keep everyone interested. With 30 players enjoyability of rp will fall real quick (assuming they are all on and we don't get anymore.) In comes the new player. Keep in mind gmod is a very old game and it's playerbase is on the decline. He looks for a server to play and sees the almost full clone wars server in Australia Vs our 30 man one. What makes our server better than the other server that's nearly full? Maybe the opportunity of a fresh start on a fresh server? this is the hardest part, and unfortunately most gmod servers are popular because they are popular. In saying that I would love to see the community expand its just very risky and we need to really ask if the risk is worth the reward when we could possibly divide our community
  8. I totally agree that the quests should be replaced with something more appropriate. Unfortunately as far as I'm aware in order to add a new quest or replace the current ones we would need to do a reset so it's fair for all(and technical restrictions).
  9. Accepted into the interview phase. Find me on teamspeak and send me a message so we can go through your interview.
  10. He's an okay Dev too
  11. Hello IG Recently the server has become quite busy and we are doing a bit of research on YOU the player. If you find yourself unable to join the server because it is full please fill out the form below so we can try and help remedy this in future. Oh and by the way enjoy double XP from now until next week (30/03/2020) Happy Roleplaying. https://forms.gle/1vQAfHBJguHU4ha4A Appreciate your help in this research - Management, Developer Team
  12. Denied Unfortunately your application did not meet our standards as a Graphics Designer. You may reapply with more detail.
  13. Accepted into the interview phase. Find me on teamspeak and send me a message so we can go through your interview.
  14. Accepted into the interview phase. Find me on teamspeak and send me a message so we can go through your interview.
  15. 1. How fast/slow is your internet. It doesn't necessarily mean your downloading it could also be mounting. 2. That happens from time to time but if you time out you need to rejoin and that will fix it 3. Depending on how busy the server is plus how fast your computer is it can take 5-15 minutes to fully catch up. Just be patient. You can also add -nopreload to your Garry's mod launch parameters in steam which will make you load in much faster but you will lag for maybe the first 30 minutes as you load assets in as you need it ( I can't stress this enough run around the whole map and load everything, there will be lag but once you load everything it will be smooth I personally opt in for this method)
  16. This wasn't relating to staff what so ever, this is just stating that your average end user expects the product (the server) to be the best performing it possibly can be which is understandable. The user doesn't understand how all the back end works nor should the user. All the user wants is a smooth experience which we try our very best to deliver. When I say really easy to demand performance I also mean its very easy to say the below statements without actually understanding how to address said issues: Just some examples, its very easy to say there surely is something that can be done. In retrospect the development team has done some amazing work just so that we can get to where we are at today. Also being a developer for such a long time i can say for a fact that these issues are nowhere near as bad as they were in the past and I'll say it again and again, I think the server is in the best place its been in its entire life. I personally disagree that the current status of the server is unhealthy and full of lag and crashes, it would be nice if it could be that much better but I most definitely think its currently very playable and lag is very much tolerable.
  17. It's really really easy to demand performance from thin air and it's expected since your a user. It's the year 2020 everything should be running smooth but unfortunately like you and the Dev team stated we are working with an engine from 2004 and we are squeezing about as much as we can. Garry's Mod was never developed for our use case so we have had to do some serious optimization on our end to even support 128 players connecting little lone fighting. I personally think the server is in the best place it's ever been in terms of performance and content. We have sub 5 minute restart times which is much better than 12+ minutes with the possibility of crashing again. The trade off here is the small jolts you get when the in game precache starts. But this is a small inconvenience when everyone is able to connect while the server is still loading. We very often check how much functions cost in terms of performance and the ones we can improve we do. (There are ones like TFA or 3d voice calculations which are expensive but we can optimise them any more.) In terms of general performance I still believe we are the best we've ever been. Often fire fights aren't slideshows (no where near as much as they were a year ago). I think the development team of all people already understand the points you've brought up in your post more than anyone. Performance and stability improves every single aspect on the server but I'm going to be completely honest I think most players understand and acknowledge the lag and occasion crashes etc. I'm not really sure the actual intent of your post because it just seems like a rant on performance demanding something to be done without actually fully understanding what goes on in the background. I hope this comment enlightens you with knowledge.
  18. Yes, finally I will be the thiccest boi aboard the ship. Going to miss seeing your chunkyness around <3
  19. You'll probably find that by some miracle gmod will support more players than unreal can
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