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  1. I was hoping this was @Kristofer's farewell but i guess this will do
  2. Unfortunately as with all good things in life these NPC's come with a cost. The cost of using VJ NPC's means we would need to reduce our maximum player cap by 40. They are awesome but also horrifically complex to calculate for the server and would most likely bring it to its knees. Or maybe one day when SRCDS decides to support true multi-threaded servers or server CPU's (that are affordable) exceed 5GHz plus.
  3. Fuck yeah i didnt get tagged day off
  4. ACCEPTED PENDING INTERVIEW Find @Stryker or Myself on TS for an interview
  5. Happy for you to send us some code if you want :-) But really we aren't checking for weapons on the random list because you might already have it because it gives people who already have these weapons a disproportionate advantage over others who aren't in a regiment who have these guns. If you have a serious issue that you aren't getting one of x amount of random guns which isn't specifically stated anywhere when buying the perk AKA there is no T&Cs saying "You will receive a random gun from x amount of guns" then I suggest you put a formal request into management instead of flexing you
  6. Denied Sorry but you were too serious (No one knows you, You have no proof on your examples, You applied for Dev on a different community, You probably believe arrays start at 1, I actually doubt you can program at all, You withdrew your application?) for the team. Don't stress however I hear https://au.linkedin.com/ is a great place for "serious" Devs who want paid work.
  7. https://www.dummies.com/computers/pcs/what-is-an-ip-address/ @Acidd
  8. I assure you if we introduced any medical system that required more than 5 seconds to heal someone people would riot. Many systems already exist for realistic damage and treatment but all are way to complicated. Also not to mention doing some form of injury calculation/storage on hit for everyone on the server would be horribly taxing. Cool idea but not really practical in gmod
  9. I'll have you know DT won this mexican standoff after 15 minutes
  10. Wait so I can finally leave the dungeon @Wolf??
  11. I understand frustration with buying ammo/ not having as much ammo in reserve. Keep in mind the following points: Everyone now has a salary. This was not a feature before so these are free credits for doing nothing. The easily cover the cost of ammo and food plus extra. Think of it as your own personal budget. It also makes you see value in your ammo in a hope to make you use it more sparingly. In terms of max ammo from my experience in the past you barely used it. Now it's a shock to the system because you have more than realistic amounts of ammo that you could realistically carry.
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