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    My Return

    Ok, cadet
  2. I thought u left like two months ago smh
  3. Bump - still working on some new PACs, bit of a delay because of some other priorities.
  4. Bump - updated playtime, working on some more pacs currently as well. Thank you everyone for the comments and constructive criticism - Ares
  5. He is trying to circumvent the situation all together by setting timetables and deadlines at the outset of the negotiation. He makes sure the other party understands right off the bat what is expected of him as far as scheduling is concerned. You should also be aware that some people stall not as a ploy, but as a defense mechanism. If a negotiator doesn’t seem to want to make up his mind, or uses overly-formal language, or brings up obscure procedural issues , it’s best not to waste your energy on trying to psyche him out. Scale things back, take it slow. Gently remind him of your terms and other matters you’ve discussed. Take time out to start things over, checking with the other party every step of the way. This is quite obvious if you ask me @Cecil
  6. Bump - hope everyone is having a great day
  7. -1, these PACs are on a public paste bin - https://pastebin.com/tvcHP47V please use your own work and not someone else work. Here is a screenshot of me using it https://imgur.com/a/rct5DVt please message me if this is your past bin as I would be in the wrong - besides this, you seem like a cool dude so goodluck
  8. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Bobo Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14810463 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198256474995/ In Game Details In Game Name: Ares In Game Rank: Commander In Game Regiment: Shadow Guard Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 5w 1d PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: I have used it for many hours in single player. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I think that I should be trusted with PAC because it’ll help me RP at a higher level. Over my time in Shadow Guard, I have been able to develop my character and I think that PAC would be a great way to go more in depth with who I am as a Shadow Guard. I understand that I have recently had some hiccups and I have neglected those who needed me on both servers but I hope that you can still trust me with PAC. Besides this, I feel that I have built up enough of a reputation in this community to be trusted with PAC. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I understand that the Royal Guard and Shadow Guard are symbolic figures and should retain there identical models but I feel that I can change my appearance with how I look and move when I am not guarding. I also think that I could make the role play for myself and others around me more in depth with the use of PAC3. Sith RP is hard to roleplay without the use of special props or actions that cannot be performed with the tools of a usual player, I feel that I can make SITH RP for my regiment more immersive with the use of PAC. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I go on this server in most seconds of spare time, I think hat I deserve PAC3 because I fell that I am mature enough to use PAC3 and not abuse it. As I said before, I think that I could enhance the immersion for others especially my regiment with things like SITH RP. PAC3 Examples: My PAC3 examples are below; holdype examples are in video and visual PACs are in the hidden images below (Insert screenshots of your PAC3 Examples here) Holdtype Vid - check vid description for a brief explanation of what I used.
  9. Bene

    So yeah

    Ty basil for being such a good friend and role model on the server. Bust of luck with any further endeavours. O7, Ares
  10. Bump - Happy New Year everyone!
  11. Bump - I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas 😁
  12. Bump - because of questions that I have received in game, for all of those wondering, my rank of Master Guardsman is the 2IC and highest rank behind commander.
  13. Bump - Thank you everyone for the helpful and positive support. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.
  14. All that I want for Christmas is for more then 2 people to try out for SG
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