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  1. -1 Royal Guard do their job wonderfully and so do Shadow Guard. An extra regiment like this is unessecary in my opinion.
  2. Shot @Ricky for the pic IGN : Demeter
  3. Jalex

    IG dueling

    Keep working on this. Looks promising
  4. Jalex


    Do not use that name in vain. It is very sacred to our kind
  5. Jalex

    A Sheevy Christmas

    Hell yeah Let's do this Fliqqs
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. Jalex

    Nexes Intro

    Welcome To Imperial Gaming!
  8. What do you meeeeeeeeeean Peace brother ✌️
  9. Have had many positive interactions with him. Definitely feel that Wind would benefit the Staff Team. Good Luck, Jalex
  10. *UPDATED* Rank and Playtime
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