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  1. -1 I don't think you can be trusted to behave appropriately if your ban was lifted. Below I will raise a few points as to why I think this : During your ban period on teamspeak, you used alt accounts on "a couple of occasions" to breach the terms of your ban. You also used these accounts to continue to harass a member of the community. To me this does not seem to be the behavior of someone who is ready to come off their ban. You were recently given a chance to display your reformed behavior by being allowed into the IG Community discord. You were given a second chance
  2. +1 Ban was from awhile ago, you seem genuine in wanting to come back and rp properly. Good luck with your appeal.
  3. BUMP Updated Playtime Thank you for the continued support over the past 12 months
  4. Minecraft Name: MikalJorden
  5. BUMP *Updated Playtime* Thank you all for the continued support over the 9 months this application has been live, it means a lot.
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