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  1. Relegator

    Wind's T-Mod Re-application

    Only the fattest of +1's for my man Wind
  2. +1 Don't even have to say anything, couldn't think of anyone better suited to this position. At least once a day I hear you saying "I want to write a backstory for _____" or "Im writing _____". Good luck to ya, brother.
  3. Relegator

    Bye bye

    Heartbreaking dude. I'll miss you a ton, we had some good times. Never gonna be a better Galen Erso <3
  4. Name: Jye How long have you been a part of the IG Community: Since July 2018 Current Regiment on IG SWRP Server: Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Current Rank on IG SWRP Server: Head Agent Have you been staff on IG before: No Have you received any warns or Bans on IG Before, If yes what for: No Have you played 7 Days 2 Die before: I haven't played 7 days 2 Die before, but I have played games like H1Z1, DayZ (Arma 2,3 and the standalone) and Rust, which are all games with rather similar concepts and traits. I like the idea of having separate groups of survivors with dedicated/serious players, and think this would be interesting to try out and (if found enjoyable) commit time to.
  5. Relegator

    Bailey says Hi.

    Shit, that long? Goddamn Im SUPER sick of you
  6. Relegator

    Bailey says Hi.

    I was stuck in a regiment with you for 60+ days, Im pretty sick of you, but I can't understand anyone having a negative opinion on you boss
  7. Relegator

    Dungeons & Dragons (Final)

    Wtf I wasn't tagged first? Bazeel ;-;
  8. Relegator

    Bailey's Staff Report

    Whilst some may say my decision may be affected by the fact that Bailey and I are close friends, Im going to keep this as unbias as I possibly can. Personally I don't think he should receive an in-game demotion nor removal from the regiment, for the sole purpose that the issue is him abusing his staff abilities. The focus should be entirely on him abusing his position as a member of the staff team, as such the punishment should only affect that aspect, not his in character position. I don't think removal from the team is necessary, after all if that was the punishment meted out for something like this there would be alot of people removed from staff, due to the fact that they abuse their powers on the daily. Whether for metagaming or other purposes doesn't matter, as it is abuse all the same. On top of that his removal would result in the team suffering a huge loss (what with Bailey being one of the most active and skilled event masters). Conclusively, my opinion is that a staff warn be issued, and if he does it again then I would remove him from the team or demote him one staff rank (if it were up to me)
  9. Easily one of the most dedicated, trustworthy and responsible players on the server, easily able to step up to the plate and fulfill the duties of a T-mod. Massive +1
  10. Relegator

    Rest In Two Pieces

    @Basil Remember back when we used to use these dupes in CS tryouts? Brings a tear to my eye.
  11. Relegator

    Adam's Farewell (well maybe)

    This is turning out to be a very sad day ;-; You'll be sorely missed Adam. Not by few, but by all <3 I hope to see you around sometime
  12. Relegator

    Sudo || My Farewell

    You're a mad lad Sudo. In truth, I didn't think much of you when I first met you, but I got to know you as a person and you grew on me. I'll sorely miss seeing you around. Your events were great and Chimaera Squad will be a much lonelier regiment without you in it. Stay gold, pony boy. Stay gold.
  13. Relegator

    Snows Leaving

    You'll be missed man. Good luck with all your future endeavors O7
  14. Relegator

    Martibo Is At It Again

    In hindsight, 4 CS members, A mud trooper and a member of Navy probably weren't ever going to be enough to take out Martibo. Should have kept the pilot alive.