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  1. When the server needed him most, he vanished.
  2. Personally I can say that's not the case (although 95% of the server aren't bounty hunters, so I'm aware it's an entirely different situation for them) unless the prices/amount of ammo have changed in the past day or two. I get 150 credits every 15 minutes, but my standard blaster ammo costs 150 per 65 rounds. Considering I use RPG ammo for my grenade launcher that's 500 credits a rocket (which I buy 3-4 of normally), and 250 for my dioxis grenades. It's pretty steep in my case. Most people say being paid for hits offsets the price of ammo, but on average a hit goes for 400-600 credits, which really only covers one rocket. The upside of the new system, however, is that heavies usually drop ammo for people for free, so that's really helpful if we can find one. Also balances out the support/heavy roles a little more rather than everyone just wanting to be a support as the jack of all trades. EDIT: Prices, at least for me, have changed, so I'm not going bankrupt as quickly. To clarify just in case, I'm in no way complaining about the update, and I think the new system is a great concept and mostly well executed by the devs. I'm just stating my opinion.
  3. After seeing the QoL changes such as buying ammo without medics, the new quest tree, the armory etc, can definitely say I'm a fan of these updates. 10/10 for the zombie virus that makes you really fast.
  4. Where's Gatsby's corpse tho
  5. Ah yes I forgot that, apologies
  6. Was that during your stint on EG?
  7. Jye

    Lil Kumo Goes In

    I was there, I can confirm it's not sped up or cut. This is one long take and Kumo has displayed extraordinary musical prowess. +1
  8. Why not just have what it used to be, CO's on stage, Navy/Gov/ISB on the other side of the stage, Major General+ equivalent center stage. People have slowly increased the amount of troopers on stage for some reason over time, really should be sent back to what it was.
  9. Don't apply if you're like this guy
  10. This response isn't about the server stability as I think it's fine where it is, moreso about the responses to the post.
  11. +1 from me for the reasons above, good luck Aphro
  12. Honestly if we're looking at it as a way to make RP more consistent and realistic (and I really see no other reason for this being a rule), then we should make jogging/sprinting without orders to "move on the double/triple time" looked down upon or AOSable as well. Much like climbing up/down the elevator, it doesn't harm anyone but for the sake of RP I think it has to be done.
  13. There have been multiple uses of ISB personnel changing their playermodels into Stormtroopers to "spy" on personnel, and I would know because I was part of ISB when it happened. That kind of thing happens alot and is explained in RP. As for the cloaking device, Shadow Guard have access to them so it's not far fetched to believe the Grand Inquisitor could have used one from their arsenal, as once again personnel have RP'd troopers handing them weapons (ISB saying that they took an E-11D from the Death Troopers armory, for example). There's alot of ways to explain the incident in RP which you seem to be overlooking. Let's disregard the bribe, as whether the GI would or wouldn't accept a bribe isn't really for us to say unless you have concrete lore proof (just like I don't believe a Captain equal to CL3 would class an Administrative Manager equal to CL4 as a "civilian" in a derogatory manner). The main claims here seem to be that Wingza abused his position and powers to his benefit, but as we've seen (and as has been said multiple times) there was abuse on the behalf of the shock troopers as well. The STP clip through the wall to see into the HQ was clearly an abuse on your behalf, and the seemingly random event of Misahu walking directly into the Grand Inquisitors back as soon as he exited the doorway and going "YO YO YO" and firing a taser instantaneously would indicate a clear abuse of the C menu to see cloaked individuals (however this cannot be proven) and clear fail RP as I don't think any trooper would be stepping that close to the Grand Inquisitor, let alone risking hitting him with the taser instead of their intended suspect. I mean he sliced down two Imperial Officers equivalent to Senior Colonels if you go off their pins in rebels, what do you think he'd do to a shock trooper electrocuting him by accident. At this point there's mishaps on both sides, and I think the best thing to be done here is to drop the subject. Downvoting comments that disagree with your point of view will just lead to tensions rising between people, when the matter is simply whether you disagree or agree with the staff report. Let all involved learn a lesson from the incident and move past it before it turns into open hostilities.
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