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  1. Appreciate the opportunity to do so, but Im gonna stick with Imperial here Whitey, cheers.
  2. Jye

    104th "Wolfpack" Battalion

    Dire company, more like Jyere company
  3. Jye

    7th Sky Corps

    B-but i can be the NCO of Parjai ;-;
  4. Jye

    7th Sky Corps

    Parjai squad about to become Parjye squad real quick
  5. Jye


    Another thing I'm curious about personally, will those that have passed CL2/CL3 tests on the Imperial RP server have to retake them on the CWRP server?
  6. Neutral When you were navy, you were the most dedicated and active member I had ever seen, I always saw you on whilst I was a Chimaera member and you were never afk once. You're one of the big reasons navy stayed afloat, and when you left it was a harsh blow. However, as multiple people have stated above, your activity as of late is unreliable. I can't really +1 someone Idk will be on enough to keep an eye on and run a regiment. My opinion is subject to change, but as I said it's gonna be neutral for now.
  7. Jye

    Rivers' Commander Application.

    +1 This boy had more leadership and initiative in ISB as a Junior Agent than most of the people on the server. One of the more respectful and level headed people I've met on the server. Great fit for any role on the server.
  8. Jye


    The only thing Im concerned about is everyone saying "no I'll miss you on imperial" or "you can't leave your position on imperial" to people who say they're gonna play on CWRP. Does having a commanding/high ranking role on the CWRP server mean you can't have one on the imperial RP server, or is this people speculating that you won't be able to handle both roles efficiently?
  9. +1 Even when Gunjies was my CO in Chimaera, for the 60+ days I shared the regiment with basil I never once doubted he would be more than capable to run the regiment in his absence and could always trust him to step up and take charge when no one else would. Basil taught me everything I know about being a trooper and a commander. He has great leadership skills, an immaculate sense of responsibility and maturity, and prior CO and 2IC experience. He has lead multiple regiments successfully and can be trusted not to abuse his troopers nor his position. He's been a great asset to all the regiments he has been in, and Im sure that wont be any different now. minus engineers of course. You were in there for one day basil, cmon now
  10. Jye

    Medic Strike

    Keep this strike going and the only rights you'll have are the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney >:c
  11. Jye

    See you later IG.

    I was so happy, then i saw you say you were coming back you damn cretin >:c
  12. Jye

    "Imperial Paradise" : SG vs DT

    That was yonks ago back when we (and by we I mean you) made this for CS, Classic Wintohs smh
  13. Someday Tonberry, although I think you're the only one that feels that way ;-; Someday. And it's Assistant Colonel!