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  1. Dexoys

    2 Year Anniversary Video!

    now this is radical
  2. Giant family party that lasts 3 days straight
  3. Dexoys

    Any Advice?

    The pics look good, i like the angles, lighting, visual effects and general posing. but at some parts i can see where the use of ragdoll poser was used, making it look a (pnis)stiffy(uh, come real sticky uh) and these pics lack meaning and explanation. first pic, why is there a guy on a random chair in the middle of the forest contemplating his life? second pic, okay okay rebels having a shoot out, probs got ambushed but i dont see any enemy shots or them shooting at all and they arent going for cover. third pic, again random guy in middle of forest, whats he doing anyways fourth pic, again dont see any hostiles, if the trooper can see them how can we not? maybe add some detail into it, maybe with a few silhouettes in the back. btw the first 3 pics are all on the same map which sorta shows low effort into due to lack of theme changing them like look at my previous (not advertising btw) posing thread, a couple of pics are on the same map but atleast at different areas to fit with the regiment's thing. anyways point scores are at: angles: 8/10 visuals: 7/10 posing: 6/10 cinematography: 7/10 meaning: 4/10 themes: 3/10 detail: 5/10 overall: 7/10
  4. Dexoys

    Sully's Intro....

    Hello There
  5. +1 Very nice and chill person, judging from all my conversations with him. Trustworthy. Active on both forums and in game. Knows his way around the community. A few warns but were a while ago. Answers need more detail. Good Luck Buckeroo
  6. Dexoys

    Wombat's Trial Moderator Application

    Neutral. My opinion is definite, good commander, awesome moderator on both here and EG, cool guy and trustworthy. Was given senior moderator and left the server and came back after it started to die BUT I will let that slide as the good outweigh the bad. Good luck buckeroo
  7. Dexoys

    So I created this...

    Who else danced when the beat dropped
  8. Dexoys

    Welshy Managed To Point & Shoot...

    yeah u got vac banned my dude
  9. what a waste of funds smh
  10. Dexoys

    quick apology.

    quick apology more like everyone click on this ECKS DEE
  11. Dexoys

    Mike's New and Improved EM Application;

    Neutral My opinion might change but the thing is that your events, they may have a slight and good twist to it, they are still not very inspired and sort of bland. You have basic knowledge of ULX which is good as you can have someone teach you the more advanced stuff. You don't have any bans. When I was in VF with you, you were pretty cool and trustworthy which is a plus. The whole having high expectations for your events is good, but mainly bad as you might be like "oh hey this event is good, so I should repeat it but I should add a twist on it" then it will be "yeah this still fun!" Anyways good luck
  12. Dexoys

    Honor's PAC3 Tier 1 Application( Taken down)

    Just pointing it out can't you spell your own rank out? Sergeant not Seargent, no offence
  13. Dexoys

    Deathmist's T-Mod Application

    -1 My opinion might change but the reason I put a -1 is due to the lack of things I know about you, I know you were around the ship but I never talked to you, the app seems low effort compared to ones I've seen in the past, there are a few grammatical errors and one last thing to point out: "Good Boy" in a T-Mod app would suggest that you aren't taking this job as nearly as serious enough. I am sure you want to help the server a lot and keep the peace but maybe walk around the ship more, talk to people and show you are a good fit for the job, you might change my opinion.
  14. Dexoys

    Normal night on the star destroyer

    audio is way out of sync just sayin
  15. Dexoys

    Corvo's 1 year anniversary

    1 year... 12 posts... you need to catch up