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  1. +1 trustworthy, really cool person, great mod but then again...
  2. this really does put a smile on my face
  3. Give us the reddit post and I will upvote that not this thread
  4. wow congratulations @Vanilla you win this competition wow didnt see this coming you will get reward in 1 weeks time
  5. stop sh*tposting here @Vanilla @Billybob1061 thank you
  6. thanks for the entries guys! they all look so awesome and creative! i cant choose what i want to win! posted by *(moralebot)*
  7. You only have a week to send in your entry. So by the 5th of July, 12PM AEST I will start judging all entries. Any that come after are immediately disqualified.
  8. To start off the winter holidays for us students I started this competition so good luck.
  9. Scuffed LEGO Ships Competition Reward? Probably 10 AUD Steam Card Code Rules 1. Ship are not to be premade or from a set, use random blocks 2. Use imagination don't use blueprints. 3. Only one entry You can give your ship a name also Here are some ships I made when I was little (brother painted Lego pieces for some reason) The DUK-Fighter Good luck!
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