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  1. +1 Ban was yonks ago... also, perm bans aren't usually standard for a MRDM offense - it seems very harsh, without knowledge of exact circumstances surrounding what happened.
  2. Hi Snoozy... I'll be leaving a -1 on this application for the time being, as per the reasons below. Little / no reflection on what you actually did. [Your offense was creating a private steam group chat, specifically targeted at disrespecting staff whom were at the time, management, and proceeding to make an obscene amount of racist and insensitive comments, without any real provocation.] You seem to intentionally misrepresent your offense within the appeal, justifying it as just "calling someone of the staff team "autistic"" when, in fact, you targeted multiple members of manageme
  3. Mandatory dev description: RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter – to deliver a carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything. Ik these kind of posts are overdone, but hey, dont want y'all missing out on a free AAA title, at the dreaded creators of Fortnight's expense. Is it the best game? Not really. However, it gets the job done. If you don't yet have the Epic games launcher, download it here: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US
  4. Neutral Banned permanently, after causing many issues for the community, alting, minging etc Has seemingly played other servers more recently without causing issues, minging, etc Ban Appeal seems genuine, however, more details on your initial ban would be useful
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all Are you keen for serious roleplay, commanding the server's greatest branch? Are you an experienced & active member of IG? Well, have I got news for you! The role of Grand Inquisitor, prematurely vacated by @KevinM is now open. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements to be considered for the role: >M
  6. -1 -didn't act 'as' poorly on his newer accounts than he did on his old -Continued to alt, even after his permaban, resulting in further permas on 3/6 accounts -has lied in the appeal about the exact amount of alts he used (main was banned in 2018, first two alts were banned Context Your main account was banned in 2018 So, on 19/09, Curly DMed me and thought you were 'Leaky', who I believe at that stage had a soft ban for getting 5 warns in a week, NitRP, and ERP After assessing your voice against previous recordings made, how you reacted when called 'Leaky' and Curly's opinion that y
  7. Neutral Although the ban was yonks ago, you still must follow the required template & put some effort into your appeal. >Add the required screenshot of your ban (This would suffice - >In your appeal, identify acknowledgement of these past actions, and convince the reader that you've changed / are worthy of an appeal >Your less that 1 line responses indicate a lack of effort & care. Please explain your ban in the 'explaination' section, and why you should be unbanned in its respective section. Will happily change to a +1 when these issues are addressed, and
  8. Chuck me a message on discord at Misahu#2449 I'll get you in our discord, and show you the ropes
  9. Just wait one... I'm figuring out what's going on with the current one haha
  10. +1 Ban was yonks ago Demonstrates a legitimate intent to improve in future Would like more detail as to your ban reason, presented in a more formal fashion Overall, I believe Beric should be unbanned, however placed on a standard 3 month probationary period (as it seems he was very new to the server when he received his perma)
  11. Changed to Neutral You have consistently caused many issues for players and staff alike. I do not believe that your current attitude represents the values and beliefs of the IG community in a more general manner. Receiving 60+ warns further demonstrates the immature and neglectful attitude that you have previously brought to the community. In addition, hate speech / the encouraging of such is something that simply is not tolerated here, which is something you must understand. I recommend you take some more time to reconsider your experiences on IG, ensure that you actually wish to be a p
  12. Misahu

    Shock's Punishment

    @Bailey Nah, it's just correlian slang mate *thinks back to the 7/8 times Bailey has done the same thing*
  13. Misahu

    Slab Ban Appeal

    +1 As the staff member that initially banned you, I can safely say that your actions were unacceptable both in and out of character, throughout that night on Anaxes. A couple counts of FailRP in conjunction with your RDMing spree justified the initial 3 day ban, however nothing more. It is unfortunate that you decided to do this on an alt account to commit these offences, however I believe you've had enough time over the last three weeks to remorse for your actions, and return to the server as a mature and friendly role player. Previous to this offense, I had noticed your dedication to
  14. I will be leaving a neutral response to this appeal. As the staff member that initially caught you exploiting the quest system, I can understand how you overlooked your actions as acceptable. Although negligence is no excuse, no player is initially told of this rule, and to find it you have to view documentation only listed on the forums. The attempted alt accounting however, is a different story. It inherently goes against the beliefs and values of our server. I personally recommend the reduction of this ban to 1 month, to give this individual time to remorse for his actions, w
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