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  1. +1 200 hours in the last 2 weeks (bruh) Arctive, mature, great responses Good luck man
  2. Neutral Although the ban was yonks ago, you still must follow the required template & put some effort into your appeal. >Add the required screenshot of your ban (This would suffice - >In your appeal, identify acknowledgement of these past actions, and convince the reader that you've changed / are worthy of an appeal >Your less that 1 line responses indicate a lack of effort & care. Please explain your ban in the 'explaination' section, and why you should be unbanned in its respective section. Will happily change to a +1 when these issues are addressed, and
  3. +1 -When on server, is mature af and RPs appropriately (can't say the same for Rust tho...) -Application demonstrates an appropriate knowledge of server rules.
  4. +1 May be controversial, but I honestly believe in the month that he has been back he has demonstrated a brilliant style of INQ role-play, activity, consistent maturity and perfect behaviour to redeem himself of his past discrepancies. His past hasn't been great, but I personally believe he has risen beyond it, and deserves a chance to be a trial-em. However! Please add more detail to the application. The event ideas are solid, but should be explained in a more in-depth demeanour Also, STATE YOUR WARNS! ALL OF THEM! Good luck Wardog
  5. has done more dev work than some of our devs, huge +1!!
  6. Chuck me a message on discord at Misahu#2449 I'll get you in our discord, and show you the ropes
  7. Just wait one... I'm figuring out what's going on with the current one haha
  8. +1 Ban was yonks ago Demonstrates a legitimate intent to improve in future Would like more detail as to your ban reason, presented in a more formal fashion Overall, I believe Beric should be unbanned, however placed on a standard 3 month probationary period (as it seems he was very new to the server when he received his perma)
  9. Hi Pombom, I am unfortunately unaware of who you are, and would not currently trust you to take on such a role within the community. Moreover, such is not the purpose of the support team, and as Stathi has stated, I would highly recommend you speak with the management team regarding your idea. However, it would be unlikely for an individual without a position in this community, or knowledge of those within it, being placed into such a position. IG has also had a poor experience with more... impromptu... community discords in the past, and the purpose of one seems lacklustre and unnecess
  10. Changed to Neutral You have consistently caused many issues for players and staff alike. I do not believe that your current attitude represents the values and beliefs of the IG community in a more general manner. Receiving 60+ warns further demonstrates the immature and neglectful attitude that you have previously brought to the community. In addition, hate speech / the encouraging of such is something that simply is not tolerated here, which is something you must understand. I recommend you take some more time to reconsider your experiences on IG, ensure that you actually wish to be a p
  11. A rather large, and well deserved +1 Active Mature experienced not only as staff, but generally a solid role-player Event ideas are cohesive and thought through Good luck!
  12. +1 Active, mature, helpful and experienced - all the qualities expected of a moderator. Good luck mayn
  13. +1 Though your application lacks detail, and I am unsure of your background / experience in handling GMod's many issues, You're quite active, mature, approachable, and an all round good guy. I'd be glad to work with you in support. Good luck!
  14. Bought my +1 with the banner However, Daxx is a mature individual who obviously has some talent with Photoshop and relevant software. IMO, he'd make a great graphic designer
  15. Misahu

    Shock's Punishment

    @Bailey Nah, it's just correlian slang mate *thinks back to the 7/8 times Bailey has done the same thing*
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