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  1. Quoth

    My goodbye letter ( thanks and apologies)

    bye ma boi
  2. Quoth

    quick apology.

    And why post this on the forums?
  3. Quoth

    Honor's EM Application

    I know this guy from Empire Gaming and in his time there he has shown maturity and dedication which is why I am +1ing his application
  4. Quoth

    Honor's EM Application

  5. Quoth

    Morph's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    He said he switched accounts
  6. cough cough, parjai squad, cough cough
  7. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal v3

    This is what the ban appeal is for, to say sorry for all the mistakes I have done in the past and how I deserve a second chance.
  8. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal v3

    Steam Name: Quoth ID: 76561198267273521 Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267273521/ Name: Quoth Reg: Stormtrooper Corps Rank: Private Bantime: Permanent Staff member: Thrawn When: 28/06/18 Reason: Stole ship and attempted to ram into a bunch of people. Detail: So it was a Saturday night (I think) and there was an event on Naboo City. I saw a dropship on a landing pad so I intentionally got in it, flew above a bunch of troopers and started shooting at them, I then decided to try and ram them. Luckily, Thrawn stopped me from causing a mess and put me in a jail cell. He then tried to have a reasonable conversation about it but I was being a whiney baby telling fibs like: I didn't know how to fly it, I didn't mean to. Then he permabanned me. Why I deserve a second chance: I know a lot of you won't forgive me for what I have done and I completely understand if you don't. It was a massive mistake that I performed those actions that night and I am very ashamed of myself. On other servers, I have learnt what staff members have to deal with every day and I should have never caused this much trouble for the staff team because if I were to be a staff member, I would not like it at all. I do know how to roleplay now, and I was a commander of a regiment on another server so I know how it all works now. I understand that I did lie in my previous ban appeals which was a big mistake but... I believe everyone deserves a second chance to show who they really are and how they have changed, which is why I am presenting you with a deal. The deal is that I get un permabanned and if I get ONE warning then I get permanently banned from the community and I will never bother you again. I assure you, I will NOT break this deal. Thank you for reading this and I hope you understand, Sincerely, Quoth.
  9. Quoth

    Splonter's Event Master Application

    Massive +1
  10. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    I still don't think that deserved a permanent ban. My friend has heaps of warns on that server and he hasn't been banned. Anyways I'm sorry.
  11. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    I have updated my ban appeal
  12. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    This was a long time ago and can't remember much detail. The amount of detail I put in my appeal is the amount j can remember.
  13. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    I said in my ban appeal that I shouldn't have lied in my previous ban appeal. What else would you like me to add to my ban appeal?
  14. Quoth

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: [EG] Quoth ID: 76561198267273521 Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198267273521/ Name: Quoth Reg: ST Rank: PVT Bantime: Perma Staff member: Thrawn When: Can't remember Reason: Stole ship and attempted to ram into a bunch of people. Detail: It was an event on Naboo City, i saw a dropship in the LZ i think, so I hopped in it (at the time i thought everyone could fly ships) and decided it would be funny to ram into a bunch of people. It was funny but it was not worth it and i almost ruined an enormous amount of peoples roleplay. Luckily Thrawn was able to stop me with his gravity gun before I could cause any damage. I was put in jail and I lied, saying that 'I didn't mean to' and 'I didn't know how to fly it' which was complete bullshit. I kinda knew how to fly it and i did mean to ram into people. I was very ashamed of my actions that day. Second chance: I believe i have waited long enough to get unbanned, what i have done in the past is bad and i am ashamed of what i have done. I am now part of empire gaming, everyone knows me on that server. Because of EG i know how to roleplay and be a good person. I have a good reputation on that server and everyone loves me (i think). When I join back to IG, i promise i won't be stupid and I won't rdm. If you know me on EG, I am not the person who minges and does this disgusting behaviour. I want everyone to forgive me for my actions.
  15. Quoth

    Ban appeal Quoth

    Ok, i will be honest, i did try to kill them because i was bored but can you please shorten my bantime? My friend only got 5 days for doing mass rdm and i got forever.