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  1. I was banned unjustly 100% true
  2. I am the alleged Cabinet Minister

  3. I was a Cop... now I’m a butcher my grandfather owns a butchery.
  4. Seems cool, though I'm probably going to be jumping into New World instead.
  5. A Brand new member of the community.
  6. Expansion isn't always the best Idea, from what IG has previously attempted to do (imo the most successful attempt at expansion was the Clone Wars Server) it is rather obvious that the current active playerbase within the community usually fall back to the Imperial Server regardless of the quality presented by the "Expansions". For instance the CW Server died off after a little bit, not only due to mismanagement of certain aspects of the server, but largely due to players returning to the Imperial Server. IG may be the largest AUS/NZ SW RP server, but the total active playerbase ju
  7. Nah sorry fam, I don't have schizophrenia.
  8. Yeah never played this server before, name is Peter. Will be cool to meet everyone, I heard this is an incredibly serious RP Server and cannot wait to get involved.
  9. I hope there is no Navy or officer Regiments for a while (if this is real).
  10. Dog = no gooder Exactly.
  11. Let me use his Troops for CFP Experiments +1 Oh yeah, I guess he'd be an alright mod too
  12. I have seen Mr Dramon around the Star Destroyer, and have interacted with him in roleplay scenarios. I believe he will be a crucial asset to the EM Team Cannot be a bigger +1 from me
  13. I predict I will soon run out of Cold Beans
  14. Seems like a regiment that could be fun.
  15. Peter

    Droppin' In

    @bert burh today I decided to have a look at the old forums and man sh*t has gone down
  16. Peter

    Droppin' In

    @bert get out of here commie scum.
  17. I played once for about 25 minutes. I'm pretty sure Galle was the one who mugged me.
  18. I honestly just got Mugged, Killed by some guy and then run over within the First 25 mins. Didn't Enjoy it
  19. Yeah so some people know, others do not. I pretty much left after Aphro so. Cya I guess.
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