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  1. yeah i was not trying to be harsh or mean when writting my post i was just voicing my opinion mabey the way i wrote it sounded like i was but when i wrote that i was not angry or anything just voicing my opinion.
  2. emerald you quoted boris on your change to -1 but what he said is wrong he said im toxic from 1 post and you have played with me and you know im not and i never said anyones pacs where shit
  3. yeah dude i was not trying to be rude hahahhahhaah i don't even think i came off as rude in my post just said you have never seen me because when i played i played like 10 hours a day and never seen your name so i assumed you where new and to boris who said i called ppls pacs shit i never said that.
  4. when did i call ppls post shit ?????? i just said i think my pacs where better then some of the earlier pacs that got accepted how was i being toxic if i came off that way i did not mean to also that was not me not being able to handle criticism im not even sure why anyone thought i was being mean or angry in that post
  5. you have not seen me in game because you are new and my game has been fucked for the past 2 weeks and i think the pacs i have made are better then some of the ppls that have got accepted
  6. yeah nah game just stoped working
  7. have been in shock and riot with Peter and have never seen him minge once. also, every single interaction with Peter I have had has been more than pleasant and i think he is extremely worth of event master +1
  8. +1 is a good guy and im 100% sure he will not abuse PAC
  9. +1 is a good guy never had a bad interaction with him
  10. EDIT So I got into sith and I have added some sith stuff it's pretty basic for now but as my character grows I'm going to add more and more to him and i have a lot more game time now from 4 days to a week
  11. updated Game Time And Rank and more examples
  12. ty my dude and the floating thing i made is based off DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droid that is what it looks like it's from the phantom menace darth maul has one
  13. Ty my dude for the +1 means a lot xx
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