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  1. Hey Rickle, Thanks for the feedback mate. It certainly would be chaos and i agree that the price does need to be set high, just not astronomical
  2. Hey all, Just here to put forward a suggestion on altering the prices on a few items in the Credit shop. I personally have 2 weeks and 4 days on the Imperial Gaming server and without making any purchases in the Credit shop i have accumulated 239,694 credits. I have a goal on purchasing the Pulse Cannon which is priced at 850,000 credits and i feel that it is somewhat of an unrealistic goal at the current price. In terms of Credit "boosters" I have the [IG] Tag in my Steam Name aswell as being a Donator rank on the server. As the Credit store was implemented roughly a week into my pla
  3. I think this will be a good change and well deserved for Vector Company +1
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