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  1. Hey Rickle, Thanks for the feedback mate. It certainly would be chaos and i agree that the price does need to be set high, just not astronomical
  2. Hey all, Just here to put forward a suggestion on altering the prices on a few items in the Credit shop. I personally have 2 weeks and 4 days on the Imperial Gaming server and without making any purchases in the Credit shop i have accumulated 239,694 credits. I have a goal on purchasing the Pulse Cannon which is priced at 850,000 credits and i feel that it is somewhat of an unrealistic goal at the current price. In terms of Credit "boosters" I have the [IG] Tag in my Steam Name aswell as being a Donator rank on the server. As the Credit store was implemented roughly a week into my playtime I understand that not all my playtime has been accumulating credits, however for someone with no Credit boosters to accumulate 900,000 credits (Price of the Rotary Cannon) it would take 78.1 active days of game play, that equals 1874.4 hours of active game play. Active game play is referring to time on the server where you are actively moving and not AFK. I also understand the side of needing to have the prices for Powerful weapons quite high to stop anyone and everyone from acquiring them. These weapons are unique and should be rewards for active play time on the server. However i strongly feel that the price is just too high. As everyones situation is different many people have School or Work commitments that require the majority of their time and cannot get on everyday and acquire these credits. As i said before for an un-boosted character it would take 1874.4 hours to accumulate 900k credits, realistically that is a huge amount of time to spend and many people would struggle to achieve that amount of playtime with various commitments. I cannot speak for people i have not discussed this issue with however to achieve 78.1 active days of playtime is a massive number of days when put into perspective with daily commitments. I have more ideas and suggestions for this topic but i'll keep it "brief". This is purely just a suggestion and all comments and views are welcome, be respectful when you answer others' views and let me know what you think. Cheers Guys & Girls, Rusty
  3. I've known Vexer a fairly long time as he was second in command of Shock/Riot when i joined that regiment. He basically taught me everything i know about the server and was strict on the rules while still being fair as i raised the ranks. Recently he has got employment that requires alot of his day to day time however i know for a fact that he strives to come on the server daily to keep up with everything thats going on, as well as being active all day on most weekends. He was a Moderator during most of my time knowing him and hes always been a firm but understanding member of the Mod team and would certainly not abuse his powers. He has handled volatile situations calm and fairly and became a reliable Moderator to contact if help was ever needed. Vexer always gave us fun things to do when Serious RP was not active (Below 20 people, as well as other admins) by spawning cool weapons for myself and others to try but would never let things get out of hand or these weapons be abused. Hence i am giving a +1 Rusty
  4. One of the most deserving players of the PAC privilege. Detailed application and awesome examples. +1
  5. Would use pac responsibly and is a great and active trooper +1
  6. A great guy who would be fantastic for the position +1
  7. I think this will be a good change and well deserved for Vector Company +1
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