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  1. I honestly forgot the true reason to why I did this. Lmao
  2. I guess I understand; maybe when I get older I guess I would have to leave lmao (gmod will probs die when I get older). Also Bailey I won't leave, there is no point to leaving, I'll just get bored and come back. But still I made the poll to see what people think of me, I honestly do not care what they think and it won't go to heart, its just a poll to understand who wants me gone lmao, just look at who voted yes.
  3. Ahhh, I wish I had a life ;/ I do but it is like 50% of my day is school, the other 50% is gaming and programming lmao.
  4. Just a poll to see what people think man, of course im not resigning. (also why would I resign, this server is sick :3)
  5. As the school holidays have ended in some parts of Australia (most of NSW is still going with school holidays, it ends after sunday), everyone seems to be resigning for reasons unbeknown or just because they cant be bothered working anyone. I just don't understand too why this community is losing all of its staff, I load in, scroll for 5 mins and all I see is "{name} Resignation". I am scared, and I am troubled that this many people are resigning all the time, must be hard on the staff managers :0 (Someone leaves, gotta find someone else which could potentially leave as well) I h
  6. 500 1,050 + HP (equal in damage output within 1 minute) VERSUS 4,450 + HP (1600 damage output within a second of firing pulse cannon)
  7. Idiot, whitey can see all chats. You have made a mistake in trusting the power of the chat box.
  8. People might say paying for the role of 'Bounty Hunter' is just another excuse to minge, the thing is I absolutely and utterly agree to the bottom of my heart with that statement, although there is one thing you need to also understand, the type of minging a Bounty Hunter would do is not the kind that should be punishable by OOC means, it is a type of minge that follows guidelines of roleplay and creates an entirely new environment for people to play in. If Bounty Hunters weren't on this ship, naughty troopers you couldn't just execute without being jailed would roam freely and never learn the
  9. Rip, seeya ma dude. If you think I hated you after that graphics designer shit, I am sorry, but I don't hate you, you're just like everyone else to me, equal (unless you are a sith irl, then you are not equal to anyone I know, you are what I call a god #JohnIsBae) Anyway seeya you should probably turn off notifications if you are really leaving otherwise replying isn't worth it as it will just make the people who care sadder (not trying to be an asshole here just saying).
  10. ANiX, have you guys ever thought of having where you can get someones name and print it with your text; like: *player looks at jimmy* types: Hey ***name***! and it replaces ***name*** with the person hes looking at aka Jimmy. It would be really handy, thats all.
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