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  1. I literally can't deal with how cute baby yoda is my dudes.
  2. What made me join?? I don't understand the question. Real talk though, most people know of this story I think but here it goes again, I use to play SWRP before IG and jumped around a few servers being in different positions, both in terms of staff and Characters. I always wanted to make my own though and get it done right (or as right as possible), Clone Wars began to become saturated at the time though and I knew that there needed to be something new, hence the Server being in the Imperial Era. I was on the fence about it for quite some time and then I found a beau
  3. Kosmos

    The Isle

    Good Game! if people are interested in this sort of game they should definitely get it.
  4. Killed the majority of people onboard the ship a few times.....
  5. old times when you were a mod @Rickle
  6. So, you were banned due to No Intent to RP and for being a Minge, you now come here and appeal claiming that you want to be a serious RP'er but you name your ban appeal " ❤ we make a fucky wucky!!! a wittle fucko boingo! ! Right....
  7. Kosmos

    Acclamator Map

    Looks interesting
  8. @Mongo the new BF2 is releasing a huge new game mode in like less than a week, its gonna be good.
  9. its actually IGA like the supermarket chain....
  10. I wouldn't actually mind a complete separate thing for ARC tbh with the selection process thingy and all. sounds cool to me
  11. Current Job: Printer Future job: Federal Agent AFP (currently studying a bachelor of global security, major in Security and Counter-Terrorism)
  12. The secret key to getting new members is for Rickle to get a mic, change my mind.
  13. This is a simple forum post to see how many people think Rickle should get a mic.....
  14. Was on youtube and this popped up in my recommended, gave it a watch and it was pretty cool so I thought I would pass it on...
  15. I am basically doing the exact same bachelor degree, I'm doing a bachelor in Security, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism and look at where ISB is now
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