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  1. I literally can't deal with how cute baby yoda is my dudes.
  2. What made me join?? I don't understand the question. Real talk though, most people know of this story I think but here it goes again, I use to play SWRP before IG and jumped around a few servers being in different positions, both in terms of staff and Characters. I always wanted to make my own though and get it done right (or as right as possible), Clone Wars began to become saturated at the time though and I knew that there needed to be something new, hence the Server being in the Imperial Era. I was on the fence about it for quite some time and then I found a beautiful Darth Vader model on the workshop which blew me away, and then I found out the cape also had phsyics. From there I basically said I want to use this on a server and be Darth Vader. Fast forward a little while and the server is born into the world and I have my sexy Darth Vader model that I get to play as. The beginning was tough and required a lot of work but to my surprise, people kept joining. We would continiously increase the player slots and every time we did more and more people would join. I never in a million years would have thought that IG would have become one of Australia's most popular Gmod Servers and that is thanks to everyone that kept coming back to this wacky community and it is thanks to you all that the server has this crazy legacy. It's awesome to see everyone's stories on how they made their way here, whether it be through good or bad initial intentions. I have a heap of great memories from back in the days when I was more active and its good to see others do too. Thanks for hangin' around. <3
  3. Kosmos

    The Isle

    Good Game! if people are interested in this sort of game they should definitely get it.
  4. Killed the majority of people onboard the ship a few times.....
  5. old times when you were a mod @Rickle
  6. So, you were banned due to No Intent to RP and for being a Minge, you now come here and appeal claiming that you want to be a serious RP'er but you name your ban appeal " ❤ we make a fucky wucky!!! a wittle fucko boingo! ! Right....
  7. Kosmos

    Acclamator Map

    Looks interesting
  8. @Mongo the new BF2 is releasing a huge new game mode in like less than a week, its gonna be good.
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