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  1. Hey guys, So I have re-joined imperial gaming, after my departure on the 21st of January 2019. As a result of the Quarantine, I was given the benefit of eliminating the travel time to and from school, this meant that I could go to bed later and get up later. This left me with a significant amount of free time to kill. So I figured, why not jump on Imperial Gaming and re-visit an old past time. I first hopped on the server on the 5th of April 2020 and went incognito as Private ‘Floofy’. This was mainly so I could run around as an ordinary storm trooper, participate in events, and enjoy
  2. @Mongo I've had some short but quality chats my guy, Legend.
  3. It's Finally the Time. I have spent almost 6 months playing this server and 218 days. I made it to Commander of Jump Troopers, Staff - Moderator, and Finally Major General. Unfortunately, I am going into Year 11 in a week and my parents have become very concerned about focusing on school, and to a degree, I am too. It would be unfair of me to hold my position as a Major General and Staff with that sort of inactivity due to school. So, as a result, I am stepping down from Major General and my Staff Position. I will also be leaving the server, and no I will not be joining another communi
  4. Sully. You gave me a bloody good fright there you ol’ bastard Take care.
  5. Damn you. You gave me a bloody good fright there you ol’ bastard Have a good trip though ;p
  6. Congrats my dude! Always a pleasure
  7. What’s that funny smell wafting over from your post? 🤔
  8. This isn’t single poses pavonis, this means any level you step on the leg will follow, meaning, seeing someone walk on uneven surfaces would seem so much more realistic
  9. @Corvo Reminder, Only Staff can Reply to Ban Appeals. However I will be going with +1, very long time ago, you know what you did, you deserve another chance to prove yourself. Just make sure you fix up your rank and Steamid, other than that goodluck
  10. You brought me into this community, but you certainly aren't going to take me out of it. Farewell Friend. 👋
  11. I like how we’ve kept this on the topic of the suggestion and not rambled on about nothing for the last few posts. In saying that, looks like a good idea but it will need to be customisable to fit the Star Wars theme, as said above, else it won’t fit into our Star Warsy loadout
  12. In-Game Name - Planz Steam Profile Link - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Planz64/
  13. +1 I believe you have waited out your punishment and you clearly know what you did was wrong, when your sorting the stuff with Snow, try to keep that civil and professional, as right now it comes across as aggressive (regardless of what his done). Other than that, no problems with the application
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