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  1. Obvious +1 from all the reasons above
  2. Planz

    Stanley's Ban Apeal

    -1 Zero Intent to RP
  3. Planz

    Channing's Farewell

    NOO! Goodbye Channing! Great Guy
  4. Cya Eros, we had some good chats back in the day when vector troopers were struggling to get members and we were both Major’s. Best of Luck, you’ll be missed
  5. +1 Mature Active Responsible Good amount of Detail for the Application Overall, I believe Wind would be a good fit for T-Mod, this is due to all the reasons listed above, and also from what I have seen of him in-game Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz
  6. Planz

    Luigi's Introduction

    Welcome! ;D
  7. Planz

    Random Moments #1

    Lol gotta love Jump Troopers awareness levels lmao
  8. Planz

    Kahn's TMOD Application

    Just want to point out Joel (no-hate <3), that Kahn (the application this is for) is a PILOT, not Khan Strax from Navy. This has many people going through a loop, with many different opinions. I'm going to suggest that everyone looks back over what they wrote and make sure they are talking about the right person. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ +1 Kahn has put loads of off-game time into the Server (Graphic Design) Mature, Responsible, Good Guy Application Needs More Detail However Try to Make Yourself More Known Within the Community. (easier said then done, I know) Overall, great guy and dedicated member of the community. I believe if the application is updated with more detail you will definitely be a suitable choice for the position of Trial Moderator. Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz
  9. Planz

    Gunime "Tackxo" Jowa

    Great read Amazing Effort I’m once again blown away
  10. +1 Application is great Well known Was Great Commander of SC Can definitely be trusted Overall I believe Arkan would make a great Trial Moderator, he is trustworthy, well known, and hard working, and he has all the needed qualities for a Trial Moderator Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz
  11. Planz

    Hello all

    Bloody Legend!
  12. Planz

    My Transfer from Navy to Shock

    Wow... Very nice Job I was hooked the entire way through ;D Excellent Work
  13. Planz

    Game Crashing "Out of memory"

    Have you tried being set back to recruit when you load in, with no content installed? That usually fixes it for most people
  14. +1 Great Guy Can Definitely be Trusted Application is Written Well Good past Experience Overall, I believe Wingza would be a great addition to the staff team. All instances with Wingza have been positive, and he posses all the needed qualities for a Trial Moderator Cheers, Planz
  15. Planz

    Bailey's Staff Report

    Thanks for the Report Knight As an Event Master Bailey should definitely not be using ulx commands on troopers outside of events. It clearly shows him TP'ing and then instantly finding you seconds later. This is Meta-Gaming I wouldn't be surprised with how quickly he got to you after you saw him that he simply no-clipped behind the wall and walked back out seconds later. Not only did he use TP for knowledge of your location, but he also used it to get to you quicker, which just adds to his abuse of Staff Powers I have nothing personal against Bailey. However, him abusing powers greatly disappoints me. I'm sorry you had to have that happened to you Knight, well-done on collecting the evidence and editing the video to make it clear and easy to see. Management will have to speak with him and work out the correct punishment, this sort of Staff Powers Abuse should not go unnoticed . Cheers, Planz