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  1. Planz

    Giveaway Season!

    hmmm, I'll be there
  2. Planz

    Anime Opening

    That is pure gold, I commend you on your efforts ;D
  3. Planz

    About a year late

    Nice to see an intro smoke *looks at brass*
  4. Planz


    Cya Jesis always a good time
  5. All around great guy, would love to have you on the staff team
  6. Planz

    Mars Ban Appeal

    -1 Listen Mars, for what you did, it’s a very serious offence, not too mention Alting, regardless of your reasons for that. You are clearly sorry, however, give it a month or so, and come back and make another appeal, put detail into that and show that you are apologetic It’s too soon afterwards to immediately get back on the server, and you need to serve this punishment for the offences you committed. Sincerely, Planz
  7. Planz

    Carswell's Introduction

  8. Planz

    Noxus Introduction

    👋 Hello
  9. Planz

    Matrix's Slightly Late Intro

    Welcome Matrix, seen you around quite a bit ;D
  10. Planz

    Reckonyn's Arrival

    You sound like a very well informed and skillful lad, can’t wait to see you around Goodluck with your adventure on Imperial Gaming
  11. Changing to a +1, seen a massive improvement, Always active Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz
  12. Planz


    The feel of the scoreboard we have now feels super clean and unique If I want to check if someone is online simply press tab scroll down maximum 4 times and find the person I want, no need for extra tabs and more utility functions, this will just clutter it. As for adding the dividers in between, the different colours work perfectly, and once again make it clean Chatbox looks simple and nice, very easy to scroll up to see previous chat, type, and also see suggestions in a non obstrusive way on the side for commands and such. Having a discord for the server makes everything super cluttered and lets face it, no one would use the voice channels in that thing, everyone would use their own discord for specific regiments anyway. The team speak allows everyone in the same place, everyone is easily contactable, and all cl3+ have to be in there so there is easy communication between regiments. Also allowing them to be in team speak and discord at the same time. ( personally I use discord for all text based messages and communication to my regiment whilst they are offline or not in game, and then during game I use the team speak so anyone can easily jump in the channel to have a quick word ) The only disadvantage is not being able to communicate widely across everyone that is in the community updates or changes to the server with @everyones for instance but we fix that problem with our forums that anyone can access from either their phone or computer. As for the packages for bounty hunter role, good idea, not sure if someone already does that, may have been a little late with that instance you mentioned. Anyways, that’s my opinion, thanks for the suggestions regardless. Cheers, Planz
  13. +1 Great guy, I've had some good chats in the past, easy to talk to Took his role as Galen Erso very seriously which shows he will do the same with T-mod Hasn’t abused PAC3 tier 1, I’m sure he never will, meaning he demonstrates the trust and responsibility needed for T-mod The application is detailed in both the questions and scenarios, you can clearly see the effort he has put into it Overall, I believe Gregis would be a great fit for the role of Trial Moderator, he is easy to talk to,trustworthy, and shows the dedication he will put into this next role through his detailed application. Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz
  14. Planz

    Epic annoucment

    Ahh, Congratz Delta Love seeing you around the ship mate ;D
  15. Planz

    Renolds Tier 1 pac Re application

    +1 Trustworthy, Responsible, and Good Guy PAC3 examples are unique and pleasing to look at Each question good do with some more detail Overall, Great guy, great pac's, and if you improve the detail in your questions I won't have any other criticism for the application. Goodluck ;D Cheers, Planz