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  1. -Great CO -Can be immature, but as said, drops the act when serious issues needs to be adressed -Easy Going +1
  2. Lack of professionalism, hate to see the way you would talk about imperial if thats how you talk about a server you are the general manager of. -1
  3. @Wolf, can you confirm the date of the ban?
  4. when i was like 12 me and my mates would do this all the time then we would see if they would fly, Always ended with our retarded asses cleaning up smashed lego, but none the less alot of fun
  5. LoL copy Dota again smh
  6. Surely if we go with New Exton we get some utes in the car shop
  7. no not you, we don't want the server to crash JK kris come on plz x
  8. Gregis

    Dota 2

    only if you teach me
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone plays dota 2 in the community, because all the nerds i know play league. Im honestly thinking about converting to LoL just to play with the community. Thanks homies
  10. I will come on later, love santosRP only gets better with more poeple
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