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  1. This, idk why people are expected to write essays and why the “detail” (the length) of something is how you asses someone. From what I’ve read tinky has proven himself to have the necessary skills to be a EM in game, so why should he haveto write a fucking essay to prove it.
  2. Use-to make a little money doing these, but now it's just a hobby (yeah damn right im still stalking the forums)(These are high res so care if your using data!)
  3. xXStrictly BangersXx Remember the name. Remember the game. Playing bangers.
  4. Cya friends, Wanna make lifestyle changes n focus on uni n tings @GeorgeBloon @Horus1 @Julius @JDark47 - The f**king boys. Love you all, will still be chatting to you all. You made my final months special @Basil- Sweet kid, Big minge love you @Gunjies- Miss you like anything, top bloke @Cecil- Cutie, Top bloke @Delta- I will miss you son @Ragetank- Special sort of bloke, IG Are very lucky to have you on board thank you for teaching me so much @Kumo @Vanilla - Thnx for teaching me too @Rad_Cop- Cody should've listened to me. Jkkkk, be a good thrawn xox @Bailey- My favorite Rep whore @Camaro- You a G, only ISB that keeps a level unbiased head IMO and I love you for it (oh no controversy let’s all get scared and thinking react) Generally thanks to everyone, it's the community that makes IG special.
  5. Just a note, for those concerned about regiments who have far away spawns we could just code it so they have a lesser timer then everyone else. Something like 2/3 or 1/2 or even completely eliminating the timer for them. This is aimed at the regiments who have a bunk around the corner from the action so they keep just rushing In
  6. If anyone played santos when it was up you would understand what we are trying to get at. A bit more value behind your life. A bit more incentive to use the tactics we train on so constantly. In the end sh*t will happen and you will get pissed but if it’s capped at a minute, it’s really not that bad. Enough time to check your phone for a quick sec or stretch your legs.
  7. I will be inactive for the next week doing dev work 😉
  8. Dev work is done be seeing you more
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just remember i love you
  10. Hey Guys! So We finally have the first iteration of the healing droid. To clarify it fixes broken legs at a fixed rate of 50 Credits, And fixes Your health for 1% for 1 credit. This value increases by times n for each medic online for example if theres 3 medics online and you want to heal yourself for 50% it would be 50 x 4 = 200 credits, This linear increase is to make the droid more obsolete as theres more medics online There should be one in the medbay and in the ISB HQ
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