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  1. When models are clipping and lagging behind I would recommend making an Entity (White Lego Brick) and ticking "hide entity." After that, ensure you make a model for you base such as a Storm Trooper, then duplicate it and bone merge it once again. On the second model you can clip, edit, colour, move and change whatever as long as you do the negative effect on the base model. By that I mean if you change or clip a bone on the duplicate you alter / remove said section on the base model. Hopefully that helped kind of just wrote that without thinking too much.
  2. Man this sucks, I loved my time on Clone Wars and in JT with you Mongo. I'll always have a spare pot of chilli waiting for you if you ever decide to come back Despite that though, I hope you cherish the people in your life and remember the good times You'll always have friends here if you ever need to chat <3
  3. At a recent incident involving the ISB Commander M. Thoroughbred IV and the Grand General of the ISD Chimaera. There was a search for any contraband (food taken from the mess hall). During the search more than just a small portion of food was located in the office of the Commander. The Grand General devised the plan to either send the Commander to fat camp or brig time. Due to the Commanders quick thinking and extreme intelligence, he devised a plan to baffle the General and be set free with no punishment. This is how it went...
  4. To be entirely honest, I agree with some points you've raised. I believe you can definitely still have fun on the server. It's about how you do it though. So for instance, I believe in most circumstances fun / messing around should be fine and if anything maybe an in role-play warn is given to said person instead of an AOS / KOS. The part where you claim the whole server acting like ISB or trying to impose like ISB, I believe this is entirely true. However, the reasoning for this is the new COMPNOR branch which I'm sure you've heard of. With this has come more security branches and more discipline. Additionally, where you say everyone tries to make each issue theirs, I can agree to a certain extent with this. But, from experience, most of the time these situations are dealt with and the party that may not need to be involved is removed from the situation. (Literally happened yesterday with INQ, Nova/IHC & ISB) Another point you raised was the server population being sensitive to constructive criticism or generalised advice. I suppose if you really want to go deep with this thread you could say the world in general is this way. Society as a whole has become extremely sensitive and no one can take jokes or even simple irony. It's an issue that has only become recent with all the different cultures clashing with ideologies and ways of life. (Not going to go more in detail with this, as you said some may get offended) Other than that Kamelieon, you've always been a good friend of mine on the server and if you want to chat feel free too! I'm more than happy too.
  5. Hmm, look. I hate to say this but this dude is the worst... - Can't build dupes, can't save dupes, can't win at Texas Hold'em, etc. The only upsides is how he's a massive legend! - Epic sense of humour, loves TikTok memes. - Previous IG Staffing Experience. - Active and will be mature in serious situations. - Decent responses on application.
  6. Auzii

    Proven's Ban Appeal

    I have to agree with Delta. I have had no interactions with you as such, but I'm more than aware of the situation and what has occurred.
  7. ACCEPTED Welcome to the Graphics Team!
  8. DENIED You may reapply in 2 weeks OR message me with genuine improvement of your work within Photoshop and I will allow you to reapply sooner.
  9. +1 After his recent recruitment into the Graphics Designer Team, I can justify that he is a hard-working and dedicated individual. The application has a lot of detail within all sections. Great past staffing experience. Good luck! - Auzii
  10. ACCEPTED Welcome to the Graphics Team!
  11. INTERVIEW PHASE Please join me in a TeamSpeak3 Interview, if you're not available message me when you are.
  12. ACCEPTED Welcome to the Graphics Team!
  13. INTERVIEW PHASE Please join me in a TeamSpeak3 Interview, if you're not available message me when you are.
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