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  1. Anything to do with Real estate, Architecture, etc. Even Graphic Design lmao
  2. TBH the idea of just advancing the time line interests me as it will give new opportunities for RP and allow for different events and what not. Additionally, the idea of expansion in that form I believe is way more conceivable as the majority of the assets to advance the timeline already exist or may just need tweaking.
  3. To be completely honest majority of this question has been answered. However, as Mongo stated it would be harder for the staff team to monitor those with tools if they were already possessing them within their loadout. Engineers are the one exception to this rule as they require it in their general duties. In the past though Engineers have been known to abuse their privilege of receiving tools and thus they were punished accordingly. Either way, if people believe they need tools because "there was no staff on" then it mostly means they will abuse them anyway and why would you need them w
  4. +1 Despite the lack of Tier 2 Examples that I can see from the images, I believe Pulse deserves Tier 2 nonetheless. Pulse has proven time and time again with his unique twist on his personal PAC's that he understands the Editor to a sufficient level. Additionally, Pulse has in the past been able to utilise his PAC skills to assist with RP situations and enhance RP for those around him. Lastly, the application has satisfactory detail. - Auzii
  5. @SiegeMonkey @Lucky This user does not meet the required guidelines to apply for PAC3. Sorry to say Sofia, but this application will most likely be denied. Do not be discouraged as you will be able to apply again. During that time ensure to broaden your knowledge within the PAC3 Editor and potentially get more well known around the community and get your playtime to 1 Week (Minimum).
  6. Can we appreciate the effort that went into this thread lmao nice work @Kamelieon
  7. Auzii

    I'm back

    Welcome back G! I definitely remember you as the man with a DT forums signature. Enjoy yourself :)
  8. Damn bro, it's definitely not the first time this has happened. I myself have heard of it happening before and sadly it will probably happen again. To be completely honest, take the time off as a blessing and focus on other stuff. Do better at school and better yourself. Bullying ain't right as you said and jokes and banter should only be to a certain degree. Sorry to hear about this. Good luck!
  9. Neutral, Leaning towards -1 - I don't comment on PAC applications much unless I feel as if I need to say something. Honestly, despite the fact you have had access to PAC3 Tier one for a long time now it doesn't change my ideologies that you need to know how to use it and or give us examples of how you would increase RP on the server with the utilisation of Tier two. For example, please give us some custom animations or sounds you could use as an EC to create some variety to those with Tier one currently. - Additionally, I believe most of these PACs as someone already stated were made
  10. Fr everyone saying this post wholesome and you know what??
  11. Is it-- Is that the real Dirtlahd30023?! Oh, God! How I have missed him... I'm so genuinely happy to hear you are doing good my friend, I was worried about you for a little there but nevertheless you are back!
  12. When models are clipping and lagging behind I would recommend making an Entity (White Lego Brick) and ticking "hide entity." After that, ensure you make a model for you base such as a Storm Trooper, then duplicate it and bone merge it once again. On the second model you can clip, edit, colour, move and change whatever as long as you do the negative effect on the base model. By that I mean if you change or clip a bone on the duplicate you alter / remove said section on the base model. Hopefully that helped kind of just wrote that without thinking too much.
  13. Man this sucks, I loved my time on Clone Wars and in JT with you Mongo. I'll always have a spare pot of chilli waiting for you if you ever decide to come back Despite that though, I hope you cherish the people in your life and remember the good times You'll always have friends here if you ever need to chat <3
  14. At a recent incident involving the ISB Commander M. Thoroughbred IV and the Grand General of the ISD Chimaera. There was a search for any contraband (food taken from the mess hall). During the search more than just a small portion of food was located in the office of the Commander. The Grand General devised the plan to either send the Commander to fat camp or brig time. Due to the Commanders quick thinking and extreme intelligence, he devised a plan to baffle the General and be set free with no punishment. This is how it went...
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