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  1. I'll be real I was good mates with Emerald and Brass before this ordeal and I still am. I believe if given the second chance Emerald can prove himself worthy of being a user within the community.
  2. Neutral - Love Boshi but can't be bias. - The examples are quite good and you could easily receive Tier 2. - Add more examples of Tier 2 usage and I will happily +1
  3. I'm looking staunch as hell 0_0
  4. I should've mentioned this, but make sure your suggestions are somewhat smaller in detail as this suggestion would overpower the logo.
  5. Good morning IG, as you are all aware in a week from today the Christmas Countdown is on! In past years the Graphics Team has mainly kept the ideas and development of the Christmas Logo to themselves. However, this year with COVID-19 we have all had to endure the same struggles. Due to this, we thought it would be nice to hear from the community on their thoughts and ideas regarding the Christmas Logo. Now, feel free to comment on this thread all your ideas and suggestions, but keep in mind they will NOT all be implemented, this thread is purely for suggestions. Ensure all your suggestion
  6. Anything to do with Real estate, Architecture, etc. Even Graphic Design lmao
  7. TBH the idea of just advancing the time line interests me as it will give new opportunities for RP and allow for different events and what not. Additionally, the idea of expansion in that form I believe is way more conceivable as the majority of the assets to advance the timeline already exist or may just need tweaking.
  8. To be completely honest majority of this question has been answered. However, as Mongo stated it would be harder for the staff team to monitor those with tools if they were already possessing them within their loadout. Engineers are the one exception to this rule as they require it in their general duties. In the past though Engineers have been known to abuse their privilege of receiving tools and thus they were punished accordingly. Either way, if people believe they need tools because "there was no staff on" then it mostly means they will abuse them anyway and why would you need them w
  9. +1 Despite the lack of Tier 2 Examples that I can see from the images, I believe Pulse deserves Tier 2 nonetheless. Pulse has proven time and time again with his unique twist on his personal PAC's that he understands the Editor to a sufficient level. Additionally, Pulse has in the past been able to utilise his PAC skills to assist with RP situations and enhance RP for those around him. Lastly, the application has satisfactory detail. - Auzii
  10. @SiegeMonkey @Lucky This user does not meet the required guidelines to apply for PAC3. Sorry to say Sofia, but this application will most likely be denied. Do not be discouraged as you will be able to apply again. During that time ensure to broaden your knowledge within the PAC3 Editor and potentially get more well known around the community and get your playtime to 1 Week (Minimum).
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