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  1. Makes me wet-I mean, very articulate. Great craftsmanship, Rivers. I'm confident it'll help boost your reputation 'round these parts - Sol.
  2. Hi. Erstin / Sol here. Surprise surprise! I *do* have a forums account; I just never use it. Congratulations to myself, i'm now bothered to use it and upload shit. @Crunchy is allowed to upload any of my shit that I post here I suppose. I've attached some past works i've done for myself or other people/communities. I'm very much a lowkey graphics boi, into concept design and manga. Anything with that logo and the name, Sir Dayos Cain, is made by me, and IS me. Kek.
  3. Draco

    Jupiter's T-mod app

    Hi, Erstin here, RG CO. Yes, yes, I know you're a good person with a good attitude. You don't minge and you like to listen first rather than act, however, I have to agree with the responses made to this application; "Nobody really knows you (outside of RG). I'd recommend getting to know other people first. It's hard as an RG (believe me), but still, now isn't the time, unfortunately, for an application. -1
  4. Steam Details Steam Name: Sir Rose Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43258039 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cainbest In Game Details In Game Name: Draco In Game Rank: SGT In Game Regiment: SCAR Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Server time attached. PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been playing on the server for a fair bit ever since the restart. I was around back when Kenderik (Lord Vader) was still RST CMD, as a RST MSGT HVY Tac. I do not have any warns/kicks/bans, and would prefer to keep it that way. I enjoy creating things; with that being said, PAC3 is a method of creating. I believe that I can be trusted with this power as I simply wish to create a bit of uniqueness to the limited, three models our regiment currently has. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I wish to aim for a completely lore friendly setup by using PAC 3. SCAR's Task Force 99 'Misty' is what I wish to aim for. This will allow for a wider variety of what is simply the same faceless helmet for an entire regiment. Furthermore it will help for Roleplay purposes and opportunities for backstories for my character. I have the experience, and so I do firmly believe I can make good use of said experience if this was Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): Honestly thats up to whomever reads this application. As for myself, I deserve it because I have the knowledge to use it properly, without misuse whilst keeping it entirely lore friendly. I have no warnings from staff, and have been on the server before the restart as well. I do believe i'm fit for the responsibility. Self-serving, I know; but I firmly believe I have been playing for long enough without accumulating any form of staff warnings etc to warrant my applicability to earning PAC 3. PAC3 Examples: ^ An example of what i've done before. - Position & Colour proxies - Blinking Eyes --- Below is a mock of what my Star Wars character MIGHT look like ish.
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