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  1. Abadonis

    Helsing's EM Application

    Overall has good ideas, and obviously puts in the hard work to prove it. I believe the server will benefit from him being a Event master, and I look forward to what he can bring to the table +1 Couldn't agree more ^
  2. Abadonis

    Adam's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    Active, runs his reg well, doesn't minge and has good examples of using Pac. +1 Would definitely approve his application - Abadonis, Reg: Sith Marauder Rank: Acolyte
  3. Abadonis

    Helsing's Tier 1 PAC Application

    Helsing's is a quick learner, and reliable guy. Overall his active and helps out when he can both in RP and OOC . His applications examples look great but always room for improvement. You deserve the +1 mate -Abadonis