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  1. yeah it was a while ago
  2. i tryout for DT, i didn't get in, Gusky let me into ISB and yeah we did had the same profile picture
  3. Hi all Most of you may remember me, some will not, i have come back from my break from the server and gmod. For people that remember me i was an HCOL for Medic back with Plutonic and was the leader of Rescue trooper back in the day. I'm play playing as XIV-VII Cloud pm me to say Hi or what to have a chat Thank you Alter
  4. i have 32 GB of ram and 5TB and it freezes on the loading screen
  5. Hi support team i can't join the server as my gmod freezes each time and i have the map and i have done reset my contents and got them again
  6. Hi all i'm coming back from my long break. hopefully i can get on and see some new face and some old one Thank you Alter
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XEqM5JocWKmWGdo2YoTJl8lC_LNNcbbQ22MM0u-KsC0/edit?usp=sharing
  8. its good but with the cannon is was one of the republics
  9. yeah and welcome back
  10. With the reg Clean if you just donate for a reg that hasn't been in for 3-4 month do that get clean too or not
  11. Greeting young one welcome to your 2nd home
  12. i say greeting young one and i did say that ones and now its yours
  13. you taking my line hahahaha
  14. Hi all i'm going to introductions myself again for the new and old player of the server. i have been playing from the start of the year i had been using Alter as my name for the hole time Atm i'm HCOL Alter RS is a sub reg of MT i'm the commander of the sub reg Thanks for reading this Signing out Alter
  15. when you try to get on the server has a message come up saying who banned you
  16. i'm the commander of the Rescue Troopers and what blob is trying to say that we need a weapon with the same damage or a fast fire rate and with the models we have a other model that i'm trying to get for us to get the shield to work boomer and myself is trying to found a other way around this in single player to found a model that looks like a Rescue and that the shield works we have been though 5-6 model atm to find the right one and with the reg we are not Medics we help them to get to the trooper on the battlefield without the medic getting hit and been killed we have everything that a MT b
  17. i miss this ISB show do another on on 31st for halloween
  18. Greeting Young One welcome to your 2nd Home
  19. i have used the rocket boots but when i was commander of jump long time ago it was a pain to use them. and I +1 this
  20. Goodbye we hope you still on later in life good luck and it was great to some RP with you and your troopers
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