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  1. I came back to the server about a year ago now and joined shock and had a great time. While those good times did waver at some points its been mostly fun but gmod being gmod the same things always happen and its pushed me past the point where my love for it can justify playing . im going to miss talking to alot of you
  2. as long as its not pvp based im in
  3. i wasnt going to speak my mind because i dont like being a bother but last night i honestly felt like leaving the community and gmod rp in general the same mistakes just keep getting repeated time and time again new regiments dont succeed past the first few months unless they are far outside the scope of any other regiment there no point imo adding another reg thats a cookie cutter infantry based reg when the one getting replaced is one of the most unique army regiments in terms of combat tactics
  4. What about some smaller donations for temporary rp roles ?
  5. ok so i dont really get the base regiment thing are you able to maybe dumb it down so like is sky gonna be the base regiment in the 275th im so confused
  6. 5 bucks in soft rp / under 20 you can be emp or vader
  7. bye bye ash was an honour serving under you ( even if i dont know you were my commander at first )
  8. me going through trooper bunks or up the ilc elevator to get around the checkpoints
  9. Lister

    epic SK tryouts

  10. i 100% agree with the ranks meaning nothing part i was having this same chat with proxy last night about how they mean nothing you demote somone as punishment and it literally means nothing because they just get promoted straight back up every time they can be they will be i disagree crofty i dont think the demotions really did much for that situation seeing as the selected trooper never learnt and eventually it reached the point where he had to be removed permanently from the regiment Punishments like demotions only really work when the person getting punished see what is going on
  11. mongo can you dm me about that situation on titan please Lister#0744 so i can sort this out ( if it still needs it)
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