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    if you follow this video you should do just fine in ISC, especially against pesky awing https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/599611113377628181/599918821696077824/Japan_Kamikaze.webm
  2. 1+,I have not seen someone so dedicated to an app and what i seen from you ingame is that your good
  3. my first ever interaction with you was you screaming out "Oi, Dax why do you hate lord Vader" at holo table, this lead to me getting a lightsaber in the chest. Since then you changed a lot for the better and I do believe you will do a good job at being a event master so Im going to leave a +1
  4. Im going to have to agree with Daxx, all you warns are old and you have not really done anything bad recently to indicate that you going to abuse your power from what I know off
  5. Dax

    I like ISC

    All fun n games for the ECs until ISC come out with the tank that can one shot them
  6. The idea is good on paper but in practice there are many things we got to take in to the equation. Theres is a reason that not many new severs that stay around for long and is it really worth to spend money with that uncertainty
  7. +1 for reason stated above
  8. Sure, that the real reason why and not that Uber-eats prices went up
  9. cant believe management would stoop this low to be able to afford there Uber-eats SMH!!!!!
  10. Dax

    Community Expansion

    IDK if this is a joke or not but I am hyped for the lego order 66 event where we kill young defenceless lego children
  11. 1+ good guy - warns from yonks back so it dose not really affect the present
  12. Natural leaning towards a 1+, Dont know you to well but what I have seen from you seem like a good guy. will change to a 1+ if i get to know you better Changing to a 1+,
  13. Natural learning towards Plus One, once you proved your dedication to the sever it will be a massive +1
  14. Im agree with kris, remove all the people with amour and let people who can wear suits stand on the stage
  15. Dax

    Nerf Dio

    The thing about removing DIO point shop and quest point stuff because its fail RP sort of defeats the purpose of the point shop and quest point of being able to add stuff to your load out even if it dose not make sense, you would also have to remove point shop guns from donated droids such as mouse droids and R line droids for the same reason. also making it so that Dios not allowed to attack people would make him really really boring since he cant talk to. So the changes I would make to him would be 1. He cant heal him self at all 2. not allowed to shoot anything while cloaked
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