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  1. with the op weapons thing I remember the best you could get was a pulse rifle with the 300+ health and only 2 people had a z cannon since there was no lotto and it took yonks to get points. now these day we see people running around with a mini-gun, rocket luncher, op snipers, op shotgun with 300+ hp. ngl it was cancer with having people with hit scan snipers but its not as bad as it is now

  2. Well after seeing Angus post about it being one year since he decided to join the sever it got me thinking, and I realised that its been nearly two years since I started playing IG and Star Wars RP as a hole and its been a interesting ride. although IG was my first sever I started playing on I spent from around this time last year up a few weeks before its death on old EG, I don't really remember much from this time just that the second regiment I joined was VF then I joined shock, then Shadow then Sith. around the time of December of 2018 I got back to playing on IG and joined Shadow when Wingzar and Cecil where CO and 2ndIC and where low level staff. surprisingly enough I stopped playing on IG for 6 month until the 28th of may where I joined the regiment everyone knew me as ISC, I rocked around in that for 230 something odd days then dipped and joined navy for 60 days under a different name. When I left navy and started going by Dax in game again and was generally surprised with the amount who thought I gone inactive. For about a week I did what 6th army did best and fucked around for said week which was entertaining but then I wanted to join a regiment, and there where a few options so I chucked out a few cheeky PMs asking some COs and officer if they had any CL3 spots open in there regiment and Scape goat the commander of NOVA Responded saying that there a few and that there where going to be tryouts tomorrow. So I tried out for nova and got in, been in nova since then and I have no plans to leave.

    over all I would say that I have had a great time playing on this sever and spent a lot of night where I could of been spending some much needed time on homework instead on the sever which isn't a negative. Reflecting on my self in these past two years I realised I have gone from some squeaker with a dog shit 5 dollar mic to who I am now, spent 2000s hours in Gmod and that I always find something mingy to do in my down time on there sever when board.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Angus said:

    when I left shock I was approached by Dax Star asking if i wanted to join ISC, i said yes and joined. 

    I remember that like yesterday, just running around asking STs if they wanted to join ISC lol

  4. 2 hours ago, Guest Papa said:

    I miss seeing the old boys in yellow, 212th are my favorite troopers ever and would love to have them back as a regiment wondering what other peoples thoughts were since 6th army is gone, i was wondering if they'd bring back an old regiment? Or even potentially a new one like 21st Nova Corps the galactic marines.

    @PapaMT thats already a thing btw

  5. 3 hours ago, Jye said:

    Personally I can say that's not the case (although 95% of the server aren't bounty hunters, so I'm aware it's an entirely different situation for them) unless the prices/amount of ammo have changed in the past day or two. I get 150 credits every 15 minutes, but my standard blaster ammo costs 150 per 65 rounds. Considering I use RPG ammo for my grenade launcher that's 500 credits a rocket (which I buy 3-4 of normally), and 250 for my dioxis grenades. It's pretty steep in my case. Most people say being paid for hits offsets the price of ammo, but on average a hit goes for 400-600 credits, which really only covers one rocket. 

    The upside of the new system, however, is that heavies usually drop ammo for people for free, so that's really helpful if we can find one. Also balances out the support/heavy roles a little more.

    EDIT: Prices, at least for me, have changed, with standard ammo being 60 for 60 rounds so I'm not going bankrupt as quickly. I'm in no way complaining about the prices, I'm just stating my personal opinion. 

    dont forgest the poor people with Z miniguns, they cost a shit ton 

    but in all seriousness I not against the the ammo, i just think give us more when we spawn in or make the ammo cheaper

  6. 53 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

    You literally had Favourite Characters and even then that was incomplete

    yeah but it aint a poll if it aint got best characters, also they have a limit for options 

  7. 1 hour ago, Bailey said:

    Hint #1: While obscure, will help you on the right path to uncovering the truth and the password to the locked thread.


    Gotta go scrub though every single scene  that uses this song

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