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    As an EC you always go for the medic first, and you always kill them because the nerfs. Theres no tactics thats going stop this from happening and the idea of getting other reg to protect medics is practically in place, its everyone in the area shooting the EC.
  2. E11-D, hunter shotgun, cycler rifle, cuff, taser 200hp CL1, 300hp CL2, 400 CL3, 500 CL4 and 600 CL5. they are specialised in ocean combat
  3. with the op weapons thing I remember the best you could get was a pulse rifle with the 300+ health and only 2 people had a z cannon since there was no lotto and it took yonks to get points. now these day we see people running around with a mini-gun, rocket luncher, op snipers, op shotgun with 300+ hp. ngl it was cancer with having people with hit scan snipers but its not as bad as it is now
  4. grammar never been my strong point lol, because like I stated I spent many nights that I should of been doing home work on the sever
  5. Well after seeing Angus post about it being one year since he decided to join the sever it got me thinking, and I realised that its been nearly two years since I started playing IG and Star Wars RP as a hole and its been a interesting ride. although IG was my first sever I started playing on I spent from around this time last year up a few weeks before its death on old EG, I don't really remember much from this time just that the second regiment I joined was VF then I joined shock, then Shadow then Sith. around the time of December of 2018 I got back to playing on IG and joined Shadow when Win
  6. I remember that like yesterday, just running around asking STs if they wanted to join ISC lol
  7. o7 hope you do well with school
  8. Farewell, I still chuckle every now and then from that time you where pulling cones when i was doing my CL test
  9. Star Wars Dark RP????
  10. @PapaMT thats already a thing btw
  11. These free epic games are a great way of hiding my spending on whip cream making equipment and my cooking herb collection, really enjoying it(;
  12. we can only hope my friend, only hope
  13. 1+, going to have to go on pavonis word on this one, good luck
  14. rolled the cunt like a splif, easy money rolling flogs for there TNs
  16. He may not be with us but he will not be forgotten
  17. dont forgest the poor people with Z miniguns, they cost a shit ton but in all seriousness I not against the the ammo, i just think give us more when we spawn in or make the ammo cheaper
  18. yeah but it aint a poll if it aint got best characters, also they have a limit for options
  19. there are way to many books for this list
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