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  1. Weeds pretty cheap here if thats your thing
  2. I love it when I am EC and a sith jumps half way across the map in front of you when your shooting and then gets shots then says "you shot me i get to kill you"
  3. Also, Has anyone been to red rooster? 99% sure is just a money laundering scheme
  4. Even though I work at Hungry Jacks, KFC and Dominos are so much better. Also, if you don't agree with me you have a microscopic brain!!!!!!!!!! https://strawpoll.com/3ryko6a1v
  5. can we please not get some pay to get op load out bull shit, we already hit the monthly donation goals. we also had the point shop nerfed to all hell a few weeks ago so adding even more of a gap in-between players in incredibly stupid and looks like a obvious cash grabs.
  6. I think it should be added to medics load-out, used as a mobile shield that give medics cover to revive or stim up a fellow trooper. It would also fits the medics role as a support regs
  7. Milk in micro wave till boiling take out add sugar add weetbixs add maple syrup enjoy
  8. he means that the former LTC has the proper rp training to fly the ship and there is nothing in rp stoping him from jacking a tie fighter ect. So the code would break the rp of the situation.
  9. how would people be able to fly under 20 players if they dont have the PL?
  10. Dax


    The problem is that the speciality situation for shotguns is CQC and the force reload makes it useless for this role. for example, If I am using my E11s to engage another hostile from a distances and hear or get called out that another hostile is coming up to engage me in CQC the shotgun is useless. the force reload makes it better to use a mid to long range weapon for CQC over a gun meant for CQC in the majority of combat Situations
  11. When I got on the sever the other day I noticed every time I would swap out of my shotgun it would empty the mag, of-course I asked in OOC why and was informed that it was because of musketing(every-time you swap in to it would he 100% accurate). Now I understand why this was done and will admit to doing it up until a few month ago until I was informed it was against the rules, but in all honesty it just makes shotguns useless since you die in the few seconds it takes to reload 99% of the time. Surly there is another way to deal with the problem other them making shotguns useless
  12. over the age of 35 on a swrp sever....
  13. calling narcissistic funny orange man winning over senile war criminal.
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