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  1. Isaiah

    44th Hammer Company

    The integration of armored/mechanized assets will occur at some point in the future however we are prioritizing infantry and air units at this time. Due to the fact that armored units would not have a use in every mission.
  2. Isaiah

    Axx Mil-Sim Application

    No need to apply , already established within Bravo 1-3.
  3. Evening All I'm excited to announce the new Pilot's that will operate during missions. Unfortunately due to the need to maintain healthy infantry numbers of the six that applied we could only accept two applicants. With that I'd like to announce the two applicants who were successful were : Demo Anix I'd like to first congratulate them and say to anyone who was unsuccessful we apologize for not being able to take more and can confirm that we will be opening more slots in the near future and you will be the first considered! Until then Demo and Anix will receive the rank of OFFCDT (Officer Cadet) and commence their Aviation, Medical, and RATEL training and will hopefully be providing CAS , Transport and EVAC to the platoon in the near future. Cheers Isaiah P.S. Lincoln could you contact me as soon as possible as I have some information related to this for you.
  4. Isaiah

    Jimka's Arma 3 Mil-Sim Application

    Good Evening Jimka Quick question, have you had the opportunity to play on our server yet? If not please come on for one of our mission nights under the rank of CDT (Cadet) and after approximately 4 missions you will conduct a basic training and this application can be further reviewed. Cheers Isaiah Plat Comm
  5. Isaiah

    Born's Mil-Sim App

    Congratulations, based on good performance throughout your initial stages you have been assigned to Bravo 1-1 as a Rifleman. Additional specialties may be available to you in the future.
  6. Pilot Role applications are now closed.
  7. The following links contain the downloads for the primary modpacks for the Unit. Main Steam Workshop Collection >> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408136639 Main Star Wars Opposition Mod >> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZj2MfiPnt1ujDKN4RwWV1nYTr40zptQ/view Cheers Isaiah
  8. Evening All The following links provide access to the official Platoon gear sheet as well as the primary rank sheet containing information on all troopers. Loadout Sheet >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QUxhxJaYic27y3by_wWeWkQ2p36UUNmr0k42-0O-93I/edit?usp=sharing Official Platoon Structure Sheet >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IVQh0vT2-oVV2hfWkcm1pj5dc9V7ndSPz3GiS6EeJig/edit?usp=sharing Cheers Isaiah
  9. Isaiah

    Basic Rules

    These are some basic rules that must be followed when playing on the server, these rules apply to all ranks and failure to follow them will result in immediate removal from the mission. All Troopers may only utilize what is included in their kit as retrieved from the loadout flag and what is included on their gear list for their rank as indicated on the official loadout sheet, additions to the kit can only be approved by members of the Platoon Command Section. All Troopers must have their rank abbreviation in front of their name while on the server , the abbreviations for the various ranks can be found on the official platoon structure document. Any Troopers trolling or directly disobeying the orders of their Section or Platoon Commander will be removed from the mission. Troopers failing to follow the basic procedure such as discharging of their weapon or throwing of grenades without permission or while in HQ will result in a removal. Upon receiving your kit at spawn you are to immediately line up with your section, do not roam around the spawn area, await the arrival of your Section Commander who will brief you on the details of the mission. Additional rules will be added in the future. Cheers Isaiah
  10. Evening All This post contains basic information for anyone who is interested in becoming involved with the Imperial Gaming MILSIM community. New players may join the server on any of our main event nights (Wednesday and Friday beginning at 7:30PM AEST) with the rank of CDT (Cadet) before their name and select an unassigned slot located at the bottom of the lobby. They will then be slotted into a section and experience what it is like to play on our server. After approximately 4 mission nights (This may vary depending on player performance) the CDT may submit a Section application located on these forums. Please ensure you have the mods fully downloaded as well as Teamspeak functioning (TS IP ts3.imperialgaming.net ) , the links for the mods can be found below, additionally, if you have any difficulty in setting up the mods you can join the MILSIM help room on our Teamspeak and a staff member will assist you. THE SERVER CAN BE FOUND BE FILTERING "IMPERIAL" AND IT SHOULD APPEAR TITLED IMPERIAL SWRP. The PASSWORD can be obtained by entering the MILSIM helpdesk on our Teamspeak in which a member will assist you. Mod Links - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408136639 << Steam Workshop Collection -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mZj2MfiPnt1ujDKN4RwWV1nYTr40zptQ/view << Star Wars Main Mod Please direct any questions to Teamspeak or simply reply below. Cheers Isaiah
  11. Evening All I want to thank anyone who attended the basic infantry training tonight, due to the continued enthusiasm showed by everyone involved and the relatively consistent player turnouts we have decided to open up Pilot positions. Pilot's will fly all types of Republic Aircraft and will operate in that role permanently meaning you may not play infantry if you simply "feel like it". Information regarding pilots can be found here >> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MuR0l6KVMBPAjd0SXK1cXv59JGmpx2ik2JmF3odBdpI/edit?usp=sharing Basic Rank Structure is outlined below - In order to maintain a healthy ratio of infantry to pilots, we will only be recruiting two pilots. If you are interested please leave a comment down below expressing this and i will get in contact with you. Pilot selection will be determined by overall ARMA ability , community reputation, and general attitude/maturity. Succesful applicants will receive the rank of Officer Cadet during their training and will operate aircraft from the Co Pilot position until they have been deemed suitable for the Flight Officer rank. Cheers Isaiah
  12. Evening everyone Due to the continued growth of our MILSIM community with three of our sections being fully staffed, we believe it is now the appropriate time to conduct some basic training for all troopers. This training will be relatively short approximately 30-45 minutes in length and will cover the basics of infantry movement, combat, and the procedures involved. We ask that anyone who can attend as in the near future it will be expected that all active members of the platoon be trained in this area. The time for the training is at 7:30 PM on the 1st of July (Sunday). Cheers Isaiah
  13. The new format of our operations will take the form of a full "campaign" in which all actions in the previous mission will be recalled so we have a degree of continuity between operations. So if we are successful in taking the town in one mission we may begin our assault from that town in the next. Operation Description: As a part of the continued outer rim sieges, many systems that were previously unknown to the galaxy have come to the forefront of the war as the Confederacy and Republic continue to skirmish over much-needed resources. The dry planet of Rayak home to a diverse population of beings from across the galaxy has come under threat from the CIS. The large and well established Doonium mines scattered around the plains provide a very attractive source of essential shipbuilding materials for the dwindling droid army. As a result of the CIS occupation, a joint task force named JTF Ranger has been dispatched by Republic High Command composed of a primary assault force of the 501st, support groups from the 212th and aerial support provided by the 159th Aviation Squadron "Lancer Squadron". Forces will deploy from the newly established GAR Base Griffin in the southwest of Rayak and at the direction of the Platoon Commander and RHC destroy key CIS positions and the occupying forces. Operation Times ALL SERIOUS MILITARY OPERATIONS WILL NOW OCCUR ON A CONSISTENT BASIS ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS. - Official MILSIM events on Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00. - Potential for "fun" operations including TDM , different themes/eras etc, On Sunday. (These events will be announced prior to them occurring) There will no longer be announcements made before every MILSIM event , please show up on Wednesday and Friday unless informed otherwise. Rules The server will be available to join at 6:30 PM AEST, upon receiving your kit immediately proceed to the barracks to the north of the spawn and establish a column with your section. Players seen trolling with grenades, climbing buildings, using spraypaint or trolling in any other way will receive an immediate removal from the server and will not be able to participate in the operation. (Additionally, in the near future we will start conducting training for the various roles within the unit including basic infantry training for all troopers, medic training, and RTO Training. Furthermore, we are considering opening pilot slots, if you are interested in utilizing all of the aircraft available to the GAR please message me on TS or the website and we can make arrangments, anyone curious as to the details of being a pilot may view this link >>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MuR0l6KVMBPAjd0SXK1cXv59JGmpx2ik2JmF3odBdpI/edit?usp=sharing) Cheers Isaiah
  14. Isaiah

    ARMA beta test 1 -APPLY NOW-

    The following image contains basic radio information for anyone interested in filling a section leader slot. The details will be fully explained next time we are in the game. Long Range Radio information is not relevant to anyone not filling a section leader or command slot.