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  1. Application has been re-opened by request of Management.
  2. Obviously top heavy isn't great but CL3's aren't really treated as being a "high rank" on the server to be honest. The other big issue is cutting slots by that much will result in people being stuck in the same rank for months which becomes quite annoying. The problem with officer cuts is nobody in high command likes demoting people who aren't doing a good job, for whatever reason.. Also, with the ISB Agent to Shore officer thing, ISB characters are PK'd 90% of the time when you leave ISB so you're not keeping that character, it's more so that all the time you spent grinding through
  3. So, within the 5 months or however long it's been since you were banned from the TS server, you admit that you've used multiple alt accounts to get back on. You admit that within those 5 months you have insulted bailey (Which is why you were banned in the first place) and you still think you should be unbanned? You have shown literally no remorse in your appeal at all. Nowhere did you say you regret your actions or that you were sorry so you clearly aren't sorry. I understand you wanting to be unbanned but you're going to have to come up with a better reason than "I can still play on the Garry
  4. Locking this.. If you actually want to be unbanned, then make an appeal.
  5. So, about that roleplayer of the year award?
  6. Nah bro, i'm coming back as Bacara
  7. Christmas colored logo with like snow around it or a Christmas hat on it
  8. The "police and medical" regiments that we have on the server are there because they are needed. I really don't see a point in something like this unless we had a fire script that randomly set fires, which is something I don't believe many people would be happy about. EVO Troopers are probably the closest thing you will ever see to "firefighters" on the server as they can set and put out fires as they have a cryothrower aswell as a flamethrower.
  9. Accepted Welcome to the Staff Team!
  10. Accepted Welcome to the staff team!
  11. Denied User no longer plays on the server
  12. Denied You may re-apply once you have returned and are active on the server.
  13. I think you forgot to switch accounts
  14. -1 Even before I knew you were on an alt account, you were a huge minge and broke many rules. I don't personally want to see you back in the community as you made no attempt to follow the server's rules. That many warnings on that many accounts is beyond ridiculous.. You've had your chance to play the server properly and you chose to ignore all the warnings you were given and instead just break the rules.
  15. Locked Sorry but going to lock this before it gets flooded with responses. The Development team is already working on changes to both things you mentioned. We will keep you updated on these changes as they are decided upon and implemented by Management.
  16. Hi Paragon, Could you please post a new ban appeal using the correct format
  17. Hello Imperial Gaming. It's almost time for Halloween 2020, which means another Halloween themed PAC3 contest. This year, we've decided to do it a little bit differently and run the event over 3 days (Friday 30th - Sunday 1st) which isn't as long as last year, however this year it will be over the weekend. In regards to your PAC3 outfits, there will be some rules to follow which will be listed below. Outfits must not exceed 3.00MS All outfits must be approved as per usual Outfits must be reasonably sized as if they were costumes All outfits being worn are to be ro
  18. Clearly I was always the best role-player
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